Ask My Dad: Best way to detox?


Best way to detox?
What is detoxification? It is the removal of substances that are harmful to our body. Ther are many different ways, the body can detox, such as nutrition or sport, but regardless of the method of detoxification, it is always easier if external stressors, such as EMF are being reduced.

Patients often ask what is the best way to detox. My dad’s opinion: it’s not about the detox itself, like chlorella or DMPS, he believes that it is about the environment. In 2010 my dad invited 20 biological doctors and 30 very ill patients to the very same place where the video shows my dad, the Detox Fazenda in Brazil, Serra da Bocaina. He observed the process of detoxing in a radiation free area. My dad and the doctors proved that the detoxing is about a 100 times quicker.  This is the reason why institutes such as the Sophia Health Institute and the Swiss Biohalth Clinic completely isolated their venues against EMF frequencies.

At least once a year I visit this special place in Brazil with my family. The first day when I arrive I always have a bad headache, due to my body detoxing. However, since I use the Vivobase and the Swiss Shield. I have less headache as my body already detoxes here in Switzerland.

I can feel how my body switches off from all the thoughts I have usually, and how I just calm down. I can literally feel how my cells recover and gain vitality. You could simply say, that my batteries get recharged again.


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