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Why are the tonsils so important? I asked my that and he gave me this answer to my question:

The tonsils are the first filter station for the detoxification from the brain and from the oral system. And in most of our patients the tonsils are either inflamed or they have already been removed. This is why we do procain injections mostly right after the surgery or even i-PRF injectable platelet rich fibrin to attract stem cells what has a similar effect than the Cryotherapy.

See the video for the visual version!

Have a good day, Coco

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Friday Testimonial Day

A testimonial by one of our patients Kelly Koch:

After surgery…

First off, I want to thank everyone here for the excellent care I have received. In my experience, it is unmatch to any type of healthcare I have ever received. My first visit was in December 16. I had my 4 wisdom teeth cavitations cleaned, 3 more cavitations (from teeth that had been extracted summer 16 in the USA) cleaned and implants placed. I also had a gold crown removed along with a little metal. This last visit July 16, we fixed various teeth that had plastic fillings and replaced them with ceramic fillings and crowns. We most importantly extracted 2 teeth that had deep root infections, cleaned cavitations and placed 2 implants. I experienced an almost immediate sigh of relief by my whole body. Then a boost of energy! Here all the attention is paid to ensuring the patient has the best chance to heal and recover both before, during and after surgery. Read More Friday Testimonial Day

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I have posted this image at the very beginning of my Instagram account, but not with a detailed explanation. It is so important to be aware of the connection between a disease/symptoms caused by an infected tooth and I have seen my dad so many times identifying relationships between e.g. problems with the visual sense of a patient and the tooth causing this symptom.


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Wisdom teeth

Why do wisdom teeth have to be removed in the first place?  Here is a quick summary of the reasons why wisdom teeth have to be removed and I also touched upon the point how NICOs form from the empty space of the wisdom tooth.

The picture shows the case of my sister, a very special case, where the wisdom tooth is placed in the sinus area.

We need to ask the question as to why wisdom teeth play such an important role in western industrialised countries. They are often displaced transversely in the jaw, have insufficient room to erupt and therefore re- quire surgical removal. An error of nature? Read More Wisdom teeth

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Friday Testimonial Day

A testimonial by Tamir, a great patient of us:
Before anything else, I want to express that your clinic is really amazing. I can’t stress enough how happy I am to have found you guys. What you are doing there is pioneering and revolutionary. It takes a unique character and courage to go against the mainstream and build a solid approach that actually makes a difference in people’s life and well-being.

Read More Friday Testimonial Day

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Biological Dentistry

I guess all of you have asked themselves what is biological dentistry? What does it include and what exclude?

The term biological dentistry refers to dentistry that considers the ‚human‘ organism in a ‚biological‘ way. In this respect, the mastica- tory system is considered to be very closely linked to the body as a whole. After all, almost all of the sensory organs are arranged around the masticatory system, and the brain is located in its immediate vicinity. The importance of the masticatory system is also evidenced by the fact that the 5th cranial nerve (trigeminal nerve) occupies 50 % of the total space occupied by the 12 cranial nerves. Read More Biological Dentistry

Have you got your cavitation removed yet? If yes how long did it take for you to heal? I asked my dad if there is a certain amount of time each patient needs to heal after a cavitation surgery…See the video to find out on what factors the healing time depends on!

Here is also the written version of the video: How long does it take for cavitation sites to heal? Actually, after the surgery the cavitation site is a hollow space and has to be filled with new bone, so its up to the time the bone needs to heal and to grow and that’s about 3-6 months. And of course this again depends on the level of Vitamin D3, the immune system and the activation of the parasympathetic mode.

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Tip #5 Ethernet

My dad is addicted to technology but he always asks us to use it in a smart way. One smart way would be to switch on flight mode and plug your iPhone into the ethernet and surf without any radiation but much faster!

Ethernet can be installed very easily and quickly. See the picture for the device which you can’t buy as a set but as single components. Read More Tip #5 Ethernet

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A classic – the JM CLASSIC VENEER: some of these veneers are extremely thin, while others are almost as big as a crown. They are translucent ceramic shells that are attached to the surface of the teeth using a special cementing technique.

Like contact lenses, a JM CLASSIC VENEER is between 0.3 and 1.2 mm thin. JM veneers enhance the natural tooth at medically necessary or aesthetically advantageous points. The dentist will only grind surfaces where it is absolutely imperative from a medical or aesthetic perspective. The precious, natural substance of the tooth is preserved wherever possible.

These proven ceramic shells can be used in almost any conceivable form to accommodate minor and major changes in tooth colour, shape or position.

What makes JM CLASSIC VENEERs special: the shell is built individually in several layers. To do this, we use a remarkably near-natural feldspar ceramic with an inher- ently radiant lustre.

Up to 20 different ceramic materials with varying translu- cence, chromaticism and shade are skilfully combined to most closely resemble the natural beauty of real teeth.
It can take just a few appointments with the dentist to acquire a new smile with JM CLASSIC VENEERs, oral conditions permitting. The necessary appointments are usually combined with ongoing treatment.

Firm attachment: state-of-the-art adhesive technology ensures superior longevity.

Each veneer is a unique piece with an absolutely natural look.


Read More Veneers