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Friday Testimonial Day

A testimonial by one of our patients Kelly Koch:

After surgery…

First off, I want to thank everyone here for the excellent care I have received. In my experience, it is unmatch to any type of healthcare I have ever received. My first visit was in December 16. I had my 4 wisdom teeth cavitations cleaned, 3 more cavitations (from teeth that had been extracted summer 16 in the USA) cleaned and implants placed. I also had a gold crown removed along with a little metal. This last visit July 16, we fixed various teeth that had plastic fillings and replaced them with ceramic fillings and crowns. We most importantly extracted 2 teeth that had deep root infections, cleaned cavitations and placed 2 implants. I experienced an almost immediate sigh of relief by my whole body. Then a boost of energy! Here all the attention is paid to ensuring the patient has the best chance to heal and recover both before, during and after surgery. Read More Friday Testimonial Day