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Biological Dentistry 2.0 – Protocol about my own experiences regarding my ALLINONE-Operation and my My BIOHEALTH Week
by Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz

The moment I had waited for, for many years, maybe even decades:
On the 14th and 15th of February, I spent a total of 19 hours on the treatment chair in my SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC. It was the first time that my extremely competent team, built up over many years,

  1. a) had my 100% confidence
  2. b) the products, which I needed myself, were developed and
  3. c) I knew that I would not suffer in spite of the major surgery considering the My BIOHEALTH Week!

Not only that this experience of BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY 2.0 was a magnificent experience and I feel even better since then – I have gained many valuable insights for my patients (“you do not learn how to swim in a bathtub …!”) and therefore, in the future, will be able to feel more compassion and empathy as a doctor for my patients!

In addition, through various accompanying measurements (Vitalmonitor®, Oura®-Ring and Biovotion X®), I have documented the importance of resting and post-treatment and how easily they can be underestimated.

On the first day, my prosthetics-oriented colleague Dr. Paul Kilanowski removed all old crowns, even if they looked good. The ART (Autonomic Response Test) according to Dr. med. Klinghardt had shown in advance that some of these teeth did not test well, but caused a regulation rigidity. This test method, which Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt taught for dentists here in the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER for the first time in 2018 after 15 years, represents for us “Biological Dentistry 2.0 Next Level”. All materials and medicines used were also tested by ART and all of them were compatible, on one hand because I never had to deal with incompatibilities and, on the other hand, because we do not use substances in our clinic that are not highly biocompatible per se. But better to be on the safe side…..!

Biological Dentistry with SDS Cermic Implants

It was interesting to see, that the two SDS ceramic implants, which consist of the high performance ceramics zirconium oxide and which I already used years ago right down (the last tooth bottom right was missing, just as my mother was missing this tooth) to 100 % have tested perfectly – no blockage, regulatory interference or reactions to pathogens, thioethers or something alike. We receive the same statements regularly from our referrers like Dr. Klinghardt and many other doctors worldwide!

When we removed the crowns in the left lower jaw, it was found that these were completely destroyed under the actually beautiful ceramic crowns, which were inserted about 20 years ago. This is a phenomenon, which we encounter more and more frequently due to the increasing stress in our environment: own teeth can be attacked by caries (especially under fillings, inlays and crowns, as the caries bacteria are so-called “anaerobes”, which can only survive to the exclusion of oxygen). Furthermore, the tooth nerve (pulp) of a treated tooth will never fully recover, since the tooth is locked in the hard cavity of the tooth and cannot expand in inflammation and occasionally will strangulate itself due to the resulting pressure. Last but not least, the nerve has no lymphatic system through which it could carry off waste matter. Therefore the nerve of a treated tooth will always show a certain chronic inflammation for the rest of life. A root-canal treatment would only deteriorate the situation, what the recently released Netflix movie “Root Cause” clearly demonstrates.

Moreover, recent studies, but also a dissertation I initiated in 2006 at the University of Ulm (Haase, Schlömer, Siddharta, Volz) show that the gum around implants is much healthier than around own healthy teeth. Since ceramic implants made of zirconium dioxide, can’t get caries or nerve inflammation, I assume today – after 20 years of experience and more than 20,000 personally placed zirconia implants, that ceramic implants compared to weakened teeth, as in my case, not only is the healthier option, but also represents the longer-lived variant!

But back to my treatment: in advance, I received a tooth cleaning with accompanying whitening of my teeth by our hygiene fairy Selma, then it went on with Paul. With an eye patch, relaxation music, a warm blanket and a lymphatic drainage on the legs, so called Lymph-Pants, time flew by, especially since I additionally “beamed” myself with some sedative medication.

The days before and until a week after the therapy, I monitored my system almost non-stop to see and understand what is going on inside my body, regardless of my personal feelings, and how my body responded to the major surgery and follow-up procedures. I used the following measurement tools:


  • Vitalmonitor®: with this chest strap I have been measuring my HRV (heart rate variability -> the higher, the better) every morning for four years, to determine the regeneration status and stress level as well as the bio-age.


  • Biovotion®: a health care measuring device that also monitors HRV, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, respiration rate, etc. over more than 24 hours, as this device can be worn non-stop on the upper arm.

  • Oura® ring: an ingenious ring that can be ordered in the internet and can then be adjusted to the size of the finger. This ring is small, light and inconspicuous and contains several measuring instruments and chips, which perform offline (!) measurements and can be viewed at any time via an app. From this instrument, the nocturnal HRV measurement, the nocturnal resting heart rate as well as the different sleep stages (waking time, REM, light sleep, deep sleep) and the resulting sleep efficiency can be determined. A built-in activity tracker motivates the user to move as much as possible during the day.

Now it will be exciting:

You can see that I had worked extremely hard and made a lot of sports the two weeks before the surgery – however, by taking in BASIC IMMUNE my system was perfectly regenerated and the stress level was very low. In addition to the overfilling of the micro nutrient reservoirs, this is an important and interesting concomitant of this by Dr. Klinghardt and myself developed microencapsulated nutrient mixture with a slow release factor of 100%, meaning that through the breakdown of nutrients into a packet for the morning (Energy) and a package for the evening (Relax) a slow-release time of 12 hours for each packet supplies your body 24/7 with nutrients throughout.

vitalmonitor statistik

Now you can see here in the next graph the values  of my vital monitor over the last 7 days since the beginning of the treatment and you can recognize that I started with a top value of 97% regeneration and only 16% stress in the first day of treatment (Thursday, 14.2 .2019):

vitalmonitor statistik

The approximately 9-hour treatment with Dr. med. Kilanowski (removing the crowns, cleaning the teeth, preparation, making super beautiful and stable long-term temporaries) went by quickly and I had never felt pain or stress, which we can read from the daily profile of the Biovotion:

biovotion statistik

The brighter the outer blue portion of the ring, the higher the relaxation and heart rate variability. The inner ring gives the pulse and also here we see that this was usually well in the green area. The darker and longer bars at just before 8 o’clock, 10:30 o’clock, shortly after 18 o’clock and then again at 10 o’clock give evidence of pulse increases due to movement, e.g. the way to the clinic and back. However, we now see that although I went to bed at 10pm (thick orange line), HRV weakened as my system began to deal with the first day of treatment while sleeping (the outer ring darkens).

The day of surgery – Biological dentistry

Friday, 15.2., The day of surgery: we can see by looking at the Oura ring that I have a very low HRV in the morning after the first intervention (see Vital Monitor 14.2. Above) despite a high level of sleep efficiency, quite balanced sleep and little wakefulness I started the day and the stress factor was already very high. The waking phase also shows a high liver activity between 3 and 4 o’clock at night (detoxification):

oura ring statistik

The surgical ALL IN ONE procedure which my colleague, the oral surgeon Dr. med. Josephine Tietje performed on me, went perfectly smooth, even if the procedure was not small: she removed two teeth on the left lower side and replaced them with the Zirconia ceramic immediate implants according to THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT. Here we used two of my developed balcony -implants, which are intended for two-root teeth and which again create over the balcony a symmetrical exit point for the later crown (s.u.). Furthermore, she operated on three of the four NICO’s, which had been operated many years ago, but never completely healed. However, one must consider, that there was no such thing as today’s protocol, which we have developed over the last 5 years. Today, we use piezo technology, then we test with ART if all pathological material have been removed, and then fill the cavities with A-PRF (Plateled Rich Fibrin) membranes, which are made from the patient’s blood and are highly enriched with stem cells and growth factors. Apart from that I have not – in contrast to this intervention now – taken things easy in advance and certainly not after the operation, but resumed my usual daily routine after surgery. Why this was not a good idea, you will see from my experiences of the last days.

An external sinus lift was performed on both sides of the upper jaw – two major interventions, since the outer bone wall was opened, the maxillary sinus mucosa was lifted and the resulting cavity had to be filled with autologous bone (alternatively living human donor bone) and the A-PRF membranes. In order to hold the lifted membrane in position, two of my own developed sinus implants were used, which contain a ceramic disc at the tip and thus apply the biological principle of the “Tentpole Umbrella Technique”.

ceramic implants

Again, I took some sedative medication, which I can only recommend to every patient, as time passes by much faster, and then you can sleep a great deal – in combination with the eye patch, the relaxation music playing on the headphones and the warm blanket – during the procedure, what we can see here in the sleeping profile of the Oura-Ring very nice:

oura ring statistik

We see that I was awake from 8:13 to 17:05 in total only 2:44 minutes and even spent 25 minutes in deep sleep!

biologische zahnheilkunde clinic

I returned fit and rested from the big surgery, but be careful: let’s take a look at the biovotion, to see, what the procedure meant for my body – like any other surgical procedure:

We can see that the system reacted with a much weaker HRV (dark outer ring) and mid-high pulse, despite the many sleeps during the treatment, and it even increased into the negative during the day. However, still in the frame, if we compare this with the Biovotion recording on the day of the party for the 20th birthday of my daughter Coco starting on 25.1. in the afternoon and ending on 26.1. deep in the night or rather, in the early morning:

biovotion statistik

Let’s compare the two days 25th to 26th. during and after an “excessive party”, then we will realize that the total of 19 h treatment on two days in a row was almost a “forest stroll”… The day after the surgery, I woke up fresh and rested, feeling ready to torn some trees, my sight was improved, and my extreme back pain in L4 / 5, which I had been able to control only through intense sports over the last few years, had completely disappeared. No pain at all and no swelling thanks to non-stop worn Hilotherm cooling mask, which we use in the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC and have copied from facelift surgeons.


But beware: here in our clinic we often find that patients are overdoing it, thinking that they feel fine and then walk to the clinic instead of taking a taxi, talking a lot on the phone or do some chatting and sometimes even shopping in the city with an afterwards meal out in restaurants. But look at the top of the Vital Monitor on February 17 again, you will see that on the two days after the surgery the regeneration is still only in the middle range and the stress level is still relatively high (16.-17.2. light blue bar) and the app recommends me to avoid any training and also exercise. So, except for the single-shot and high-dose vitamin C infusions, I stayed completely in bed or in the infusion lounge at the clinic and put on the cooling mask – all three consecutive days, which we recommend to all of our patients.

We now see here on the Biovotion that my recovery values only slowly recovered in the course of the afternoon on Saturday (that is to say, exactly one day after the end of the operation) and returned to the green range, whereby the HRV was still rather weak, therefore dark. Only two days postoperatively, so on Sunday, the 17.2. My scores recovered to the level before the surgery with a small weakness in the afternoon area where I thought I needed to do some desk work:

The sleep was also good and it was particularly interesting to see through the Oura ring that my deep sleep phases, which had always been too short in recent months with an average of 40 minutes per night, suddenly increased significantly, to almost three Hours on Sunday night:

But even on Monday, the third postoperative day, I  totally spared myself which was rewarded with good sleep, increasingly good biovotion and slowly improved vital monitor values (see above, 18.2.):

oura ring statistik

In the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC I received a craniosacral therapy with lymphatic drainage from our Steffi, again single shots and a mitochondrial infusion of our infusion angel Barbara with parallel magnetic field and then a Humares blood ozone UV therapy, in which blood was taken and returned to the body in a closed system after two UV and ozone enrichment treatments. A perfect infection protection! After that I went through two more programs, such as the photon waver, a one by dr. Klinghardt strongly recommended device, which regulates the system via various programs and different colored light irradiations.


Even the fourth postoperative day was rewarded by long periods of deep sleep and the regulation remained within the normal range throughout the day, although I had worked a bit at the desk again.

oura ring statistik

As a follow-up treatment, single shots,  Humares-blood-ozone-UV as well as a colon-hydro-therapy for detoxification were planned, which was extremely good for me and which makes you feel like a feather … to use the time well during the second Mitochondrial infusion, our Selma again carried out a prophylaxis and a further bleaching on my lower jaw front, while our doctor and anesthesiologist, Dr. med. Michael Jürges, during the exposure time of the whitening agent, injected Hyaluronic acid into my frown line between the eyebrows (these come, however, more from sailing and kiting rather than from anger ….) with. Hyaluronic acid is a completely natural component of the skin, which decreases with increasing age and should not be confused with the nerve toxin Botox, which I do not recommend.

Unfortunately, due to the external sinus lift treatment performed on me, I am not allowed to lie in the hyperbaric oxygen pressure chamber, which is always available to our patients in the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC.

On the fifth postoperative day I woke up all on my own, without an alarm set, after 5 hours of restful sleep with a recovery of just under 100%, a stress level of zero and a bio-age of 25.7 years:

oura ring statistik

Today, on Wednesday the 20.2. and the fifth postoperative day, I will move very slowly and carefully again and let my sport program increase to my daily amount of desired 15 km per day within the next 14 days. The days since the surgery I had never moved more than 1-2 km per day, which can be very well controlled by the activity tracker of the Oura ring.

Here, for example, the first postoperative day, Saturday, 16.2 .:

oura ring statistik

Besides another lymphatic drainage today, I received the obligatory single shots and another vitamin C infusion. Moreover, I tested for the first time the Micro-Needeling at myself: thereby an emulsion made from Hyaluronic acid and from the own blood won i- PRF (injectable PRF) is being applied to the skin and shot with micro-needles painless 0.5 to 2.5 mm under the skin to fill up the connective tissue, and to activate HGH (Human Growth Hormone) through the micro-injury and through the stem cells and growth factors of the PRF the skin will be regenerated.

So, I will use the time that I have taken for my own regeneration after the operation to the maximum, in order to be able to experience and understand all the therapies offered in our clinic even better, by having them carried out on my own body. For the coming days, Colon-Hydro-Therapy and Humares-Blood-Ozone-UV are planned as well as the Photon-Waver.

By looking at my own case, I’ve seen how important – but how rewarding it is – to spend an entire week on the surgery, that’s why we call it My BIOHEALTH Week. Patients who adhere to our guidelines and who take the first three to four days of postoperative care and all the therapies listed above, which are included in the flat rate / package of the My BIOHEALTH Week (colon hydrotherapy, craniosacral therapy, osteopathy, lymph drainage, Infusions, Blood Ozone UV, Single shots, Photon Waver, Magnetic Field, Hyaluron Sprays, Micro needling, Hyperbaric Oxygen Pressure Chamber and much more, and of course the home-cooked gluten-free, organically produced soups …) are also leaving This week without any pain and swelling with more energy, better health and ready for profound healing the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC.

In summary, I strongly recommend:

  • Take a whole week off and spend it with us at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC and use as many of the above mentioned. valuable therapies as possible – these are included in the package to motivate you to do as much as possible for yourself and avoid any complications in advance
  • Wear the cooling mask for at least 36 hours, preferably 72 hours, do not move more than 1 km the first postoperative days and avoid as much digital media as possible, any work and talking
  • Avoid all EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) as consistently as possible, since microwave radiation completely stops the healing and kills stem cells. You will receive from us in the clinic the Vivo-Base®, which you can plug into your hotel room and you have the opportunity to use the internet by moving anywhere in our clinic radio-free with your iPhone. Of course, our SWISS BIOHEALTH apartment has already installed these tools and protects you at night with a radiant Faraday canopy:

biological dentistry

  • Fill up your micro nutrient stores by taking our BASICE IMMUNE for one month preoperatively to one month postoperatively and then keeping the high level for the future with the DAILY USE

daily use

  • For the first few days, eat only soft food (soups, smoothies, broths, juices and bowls), which will be available from April 2019 at our SWISS BIOHEALTH Store & Café

swiss biohealth store

  • Drink plenty of fresh and purified water (you can get it from us in glass bottles) to detoxify and continue to support it by taking 3x 20 chlorella pellets. Also, the intake of pre- and probiotics (fiber and live intestinal bacteria) and collagen and amino acids, what you can get everything from us, detoxifies, supports the intestinal flora and helps to regenerate bones and gums.

swiss biohealth vital

I hope that with this – my own – experience report of my ALLINONE surgery and the following My BIOHEALTH Week I have taken the fear of pain, swelling or complications on the one hand, but also through the presentation of the readings of regeneration, HRV, stress, sleep etc I hope I could draw your attention to the importance of taking things easy the first 4 days after the operation, to follow the protocol with discipline and to take as many therapies as possible within the package.

How it went with my regeneration? Here ist the second part of my story.

Your Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz

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