The bion-tec pads. I’m sure many of you have heard of these pads before, or use them at home. Here’s more about it that you should know:

Subtle energies were described more than 70 years ago by Wilhelm Reich as Bionen-Energy, later as Orgon-Energy. The psychoanalyst and cancer researcher tried to prove in his experiments that a universal life energy exists. In his opinion, every organism needs a constant supply of this universal energy. Only then, according to Reich’s theory, can the organism maintain a healthy cell structure. On the basis of this knowledge, Reich developed the orgone accumulator, which is still used today in the therapeutic field.

The German doctor, Prof. dr. med. Hegall Vollert, took up this scientific theory and developed it further. The result of his many years of research are bion-pads® based on alternative medical approaches.

Professor Hegal Vollert, a patient of my dad since more than 20 years, developed this amazing energy pads, energised by orgon energy which you could use in different sizes for headache, back pain or just to improve your energy. I see my dad placing the big one under his shirt on his lower back in times where he has to work for days without any break. The energy never wears off, so you could use one pad for life long!!!

The smallest pad for dental use (healing, pain, infection etc.), my dad developed for Professor Volkert more than 20 years ago. Available at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC.

Whenever I have a headache or pain in my belly or on my back I use the Bion-tec pad and place it where there pain origins from. It is a great tool for health and really does it purpose! It reduces the  pain immediately and simultaneously energizes the body.

I wish you all a good start into the week with lots of sunshine, Coco

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