Beratung zur biologischen Zahnmedizin

Thank you for this emotional testimonial! Josephine Titje did an amazing job!


Here is the text of the video:

I think it is important to share that before surgery I experienced 5 years of spine, hip, knee and hand pain with no reprieve, leaving me unable to walk or do much at all for myself, at times due to neurodegenerative Lyme disease.

I was also experiencing cardiovascular symptoms and pericardial infections nearly taking my life. My Lyme specialist, Dr. Amanda Wilms, highly encouraged me to have infectious bone cyst removed from my jaw that were full of infection and parasites, and contributing to these cardiovascular symptoms.

The following day after my surgery, I woke for the first time in no pain or discomfort in my entire body! I stood up, and experienced what it was like to walk with no pain for the first time in 5 years!
Although it returns after walking and being up for a few hours, it is shifting and I am hopeful I will be able to return to an active life free of pain to enjoy with my 3 children, family and friends.

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