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The changed aspects of lifestyle today must be taken into account in a new type of metal-free dentistry. A smaller vulnerable oral surface area offers protection against the environmental disturbances and helps to eliminate and heal the increasing levels of chronic inflammation in the masticatory system. According to the author, if such dentistry was to be carried out consistently, every patient would experience an improvement of health. This often occurs whilst still in the dentist’s chair at the end of a treatment session. When the last bit of metal has been removed, for example, patients often say that they feel as though a “helmet has been taken off” or that a “thick piece of glass has been removed from in front of their face”. After chronic inflammations such as ousteitis of the jaw, cysts, or root canal-treated teeth have been removed, patients often experience an immediate improvement in their musculoskeletal system. For example, they are suddenly able to move an arm freely, that had previously been cause of severe pain.

But how can this link be explained

A manifest chronic disease presents itsself as a pathological change of the anatomy (tumour tissue, brain cells, glands, bone/cartilage, musculature). This disorder is always preceded by a functional disturbance (impaired cell division, deficiency or surplus states within cells, poor/ compensatory posture), which is, in turn, triggered by a regulation disturbance (hyperacidity, cellular stress, oxygen deficiency, vitamin and nutrient deficiency, inflammations, toxins, bacteria, allergens, etc.). It is evident that a treatment that tackles the end of this chain cannot promise a great deal of success. If the functional and regulation disturbance are maintained, the immune system will be put under additional strain by an intervention such as an operation. Our lifestyle and environmental strain have caused portions of our immune and healing systems to shut down by influencing the sympathetic nervous system. Stress uses up large amounts of nutrients and vital substances, which only worses the existing deficiency a real vicious circle.

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