Resilience, one of the most important terms used in medicine. I will be explaining the term based on an example. Imagine your body would be represented by a car. A few years ago, when there was no EMF and other external influences that harm our immune system, our body was stable and tough, so our body was a Land Rover amongst the cars.
Nowadays, our immune system is being attacked constantly and it is even more important to be a Land Rover, however, we’re becoming more and more small compact cars, not suitable for rough undergrounds.

No matter how rough and rangy the ground is, a Land Rover can drive anywhere, without breaking the axis or damaging the tire profile. A compact car though will have to slow down when driving on rough undergrounds and the car will suffer from wounds until it will break down.  This is known as the de-compensation. People who suffer from chronic illnesses are decomposing, as their body cannot adapt and compete with stressful circumstances due to their immune system not suiting the subsoil. In order to get back to a Land Rover immune system, it is essential to get into the stage of compensation, where the body can compensate with stressful circumstances. However, energy is only being shifted from one part to another, which will leave the body with a shortage at a certain point. The aim is to get to the stage of resilience, where the body adapts and reacts positively to stressful circumstances.

In the video, my dad will explain what resilience is and what you can do to get a Range Rover immune system. Moreover, I will repost the 20 tips of my dad, how he keeps his body strong and his immune system resilient.

Have a nice day and stay updated, Coco


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