Patientin Catherine Steward

Washington, USA

Catherine Stewart

I first visited SWISS BIOHEALTH in Oct/Nov of 2016.
At the time, I had been under medical treatment for Lyme disease and various other bacterial, viral and fungal related illnesses.

I had been experiencing chronic illness and pain for about 2 years. I was unable to walk without pain in my joints and muscles. I also experienced trouble breathing, had sore throat most of the time and laryngitis when I would encounter any type of toxic or chemical smell. (cigarette-smoke, perfume, cleaning products). I also did not have full use of my right arm due to a frozen shoulder and the inability to move my right thumb.

I felt fatigued and stressed the majority of the time. The treatments I was receiving in the U.S. were slowly helping to remove toxins and rebuild my body, but it was a slow process. Immediately after having all the metal removed from my mouth and all cavitations cleaned out, I was able to move my shoulder and slowly started to gain some use of my thumb. When I returned home after surgery at SWIS BIOHEALTH, I felt more energy than I had in almost 2 years. My muscles no longer ached and the pain in my joints started to subside. I started to be able to hike with my dogs again and run on the beach with my horses! My brain and ability to think became clearer and my level of anxiety decreased significantly. I have also found that when I do come in contact with toxins- ( smoke, mold, chemicals), my body still reacts but the symptoms and pain are not as severe and my body is able to clear the toxins faster and resolve the pain.

Gebiss von Catherine Steward vor der Zahnbehandlung
Gebiss von Catherine Steward nach der Zahnbehandlung

I am so grateful to Dr. Volz and all the wonderful staff at SWISS BIOHEALTH. Everyone has been so caring and supportive on my journey to ultimate health & vitality. Thank you so much! Catherine Stewart Additionally- My new teeth and smile are absolutely beautiful. The precision are care that went into creating this perfect smile were nothing short of AMAZING!