Patient Christian Knapp


Christian Knapp

I have type 1 diabetes for about 13 years. My therapy works very good with an insulin-pump and a continuous glucose monitoring system. However there were some blood results, which are nearly impossible to get them in a good condition. Additional I have had listlessness, insomnia and skin eruptions since months and my doctors had no idea about the reason of all these problems.
In a 3D diagnosis at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic, they saw a root leftover from my wisdom teeth 14 years before. Additional they found 2 metal parts also as leftovers from the wisdom teeth surgery and at least 4 NICOs in all 4 quadrants.

In January 2018, they took out the 4 NICOs and cleaned up all 4 wisdom teeth areas, so that there are no more leftovers. Already after the surgery I had a reduction of my insulin demand about 50%. In the weeks after the surgery it leveled out round about 30% less insulin demand. I have had problems with my blood cholesterol level over years. The level was way too high and my MD gave me the advise to take statins to bring the level down. After 4 months without the NICOs and without any changes at my nutrition my blood cholesterol level is in midfield of the recommendations.
My HbA1C-Level (blood sugar longtime level) came down too in only 3 months about 0.6%.
Summing up I feel much better, and I can recommend to come to the Swiss Biohealth Clinic, when you have chronical disease, and nobody from the MD´s which uses academic medicine could help you to come into a better constitution.