Patient Cornelia H.


Cornelia H.

I have been receiving treatment for Lyme disease and other various co-infections since January 2017, but have had the disease for much longer. My symptoms, including joint pain, neurological difficulties, and vision problems, slowly but gradually increased despite treatment. My symptoms – mainly the neurological symptoms – worsened after I received a titanium implant following tooth loss and extensive root canal treatment.

I visited SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC in March 2019 after reading all about their all-in-one biological approach to dentistry for metal implants, and knew this was a new step on my path to health. Immediately after the titanium implant was removed, my body began to relax, the persistent pain in my left elbow disappeared, and my vision in my left eye returned.

Cornelia H.'s denture with titanium implant
Cornelia H.'s denture after titanium implant removal

People talk about having a moment on their healing journey and this was definitely one for me. As I continue on my journey, I look forward to more improvements and can’t wait to return to SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC and the great team in six months.