Patient Llissa Larimore


Ilissa Larimore

I was missing 6 adult teeth and the last two remaining baby teeth were basically holding my amalgam fillings together. I was fortunate to grow up in a family that embraced integrative and personalized medicine, which led me to work for Metagenics – a large health sciences company focused on personalized lifestyle medicine. Throughout my upbringing and career, I had learned the health effects of amalgam fillings, metal implants, and the importance of lifestyle – nutrition, sleep, physical activity, stress, and the body’s ability to detoxify.

I had known all my life that I would eventually need implants, but was looking for a doctor who could align my goals to optimize my health and provide a more personalized and “whole body” approach. During a functional medicine conference in 2016, I happened to meet a practitioner who referred me to Dr. Volz. When I first went to SWISS BIOHEALTH in October 2017, I had no significant health issues, but felt terribly tired every day, and although my diet and lifestyle had not changed in years, I was slowly gaining weight. I also had cold hands and feet all the time. In addition to the 6 implants I needed, Dr. Volz identified and treated 4 cavitations. Almost immediately, I had better energy and was not as tired towards the end of the day.

Dentition before restoration with ceramic implants
Dentition after restoration with ceramic implants

Within a month, I slowly began to lose weight. I noticed that my extremities were not constantly cold and I had less swelling under my eyes. When I returned to the US a few weeks later, people noticed that I was swelling less. I would recommend SWISS BIOHEALTH to anyone who needs to have dental procedures. The entire staff is very nice, friendly, patient and caring. During the treatment/procedure, not only do you receive top-notch care, but there is also an emphasis on optimizing your health by reducing stress, micronutrients, and nutrition to stay healthy and comfortable for a lifetime.