Johannes Bergmann

Tegernsee, Germany

Johannes Bergmann

My name is Johannes Bergmann and I am a dentist settled in Tegernsee.

In May 2017 I visited my first SDS course in Konstanz to get some information about ceramic implants. I was so excited from Dr. Ulrich Volz and his SDS concept, that I booked

almost every course in the following months. Right away I started to implant ceramic.


I am 100% convinced of the concept so in February 2018 I decided to have an operation by Dr. Ulrich Volz in the Swiss Biohealth Clinic.

Under local anesthesia Dr. Volz removed four whitening teeth and a root-treated tooth (27) He implanted three SDS ceramic implants in the left maxilla, including sinus lift.

Although the surgery lasted six hours, it was never uncomfortable. Thanks to the

sensitivity of Dr. Volz, placing the implants was barely noticeable.

In addition, the competence, friendliness and tranquility of all involved encouraged my


Through the good care before and after the operation in the very pleasant atmosphere of the Swiss Biohealth Clinic, I had only a minimal swelling and there was no pain. So

I could avoid the use of painkillers.

In any case, beneficial and recommended for such a successful wound healing, as in

In my case, the exact compliance with the recommendations by the Swiss Biohealth Clinic, is another week rest after the operation.

Gebiss von Johannes Bergmann vorher
Gebiss von Johnannes Bergmann nachher

The direct, noticeable consequences of the surgery were that my tension in the neck and neck area were significantly minimized and still are. Furthermore, I notice that in the course of healing my vitality and ability to concentrate have increased significantly.


Only four weeks after the operation I was able to participate in the “Engadiner Ski Marathon” (42 km cross-country skiing) with a feeling full of energy and stamina.

In addition, I feel that my ability to regenerate has increased and thereby my resilience were strengthened.

Finally, I would dare to take this step to the surgery at any time and can recommend it to anyone! A big thank you to Dr. Ulrich Volz and his great team.

I am convinced that you are years ahead with your concept of general dentistry!