Patientin Lindsay Christensen

Illinois, USA

Lindsay Christensen

A little over a month ago, I traveled to Switzerland to have cavitation surgery with Dr. Ulrich Volz at Swiss Biohealth. I had been dealing with cavitation infections for 8 years in all 4 locations where I had wisdom teeth removed at age 16. My experience at Swiss Biohealth was excellent, and I began to feel improvements in my body and health literally within the first day of having the surgery.

My journey to Swiss Biohealth was long and convoluted. I first discovered I had cavitation infections at age 21, when I made my first visit to a biological dentist in Seattle when I was a student at nearby Bastyr University. The biological dentist in Seattle took a panoramic digital x- ray of my mouth, which showed that I had holes in my jaw full of necrotic material, leftover from the wisdom tooth removal I went through back in high school. The image below is the digital panoramic x-ray of my mouth that was used to diagnose the cavitations. You can see the outlines of holes in the lower left and right corners of my jaw. The cavitations in the upper part of my jaw are much more difficult to see, but they were also smaller in size compared to the lower ones.

Kavitationen im Oberkiefer

Soon after that image was taken, I came back to Chicago (where my family lives) to have cavitation surgery with a local biological dentist because we thought that would be more convenient for me than waiting weeks to have surgery in Seattle. However, I became much sicker after the cavitation surgery with the dentist in Chicago, and later found out that the dentist who performed the surgery was working without a license and had multiple former patient complaints and legal orders filed against her. I felt traumatized and refused to go back to any dentist for about a year after that. I didn’t know of any reputable biological dentists in the Chicago area, and didn’t feel like I could trust anyone with taking care of my dental issues.

In November of 2015, I went to the Sophia Health Institute for the first time, and truly began my healing journey in regards to Lyme disease and chronic illness. It wasn’t until August of 2016 that I finally brought up the subject of cavitation surgery with my doctor at SHI. I had been undergoing ozone injections in the cavitation locations in my mouth for the past six months with a biological dentist in a suburb of Chicago, but felt that nothing was changing in regards to inflammation in my face and pain in my jaw. The dentist I was seeing unfortunately did not perform cavitation surgeries. Due to my complicated history of dental issues, and my awful previous experience, my doctor at SHI recommended that I pursue treatment at Swiss Biohealth. I am incredibly grateful that my family made the decision to take me there for surgery, as I doubt I would have been able to continue healing had I not finally had the cavitations addressed by a true expert, Dr. Ulrich Volz.

At Swiss Biohealth, I received a nutritional IV the day before the surgery, as well as during the surgery itself. I was also given dexamethasone to help prevent bone pain, an IV antibiotic, and procaine injections. During the surgery, Dr. Volz opened up and cleaned out four necrotic holes in my upper and lower jaw, where the wisdom teeth had been removed 8 years prior. In my lower jaw, the pit on the left side had a volume of 1 cubic centimeter, and the pit on the right side was 1.5 cubic centimeters in volume. These are very large holes (especially for someone with a jaw as small as mine), and according to Dr. Volz, it turns out that these holes are perfect hiding spots for bacteria, viruses, parasites, and heavy metals. Unaddressed cavitations can keep a person sick, because they serve as reservoirs for infectious agents, and are in a location that is basically inaccessible by the immune system. The infection can even damage nerve endings in the cavitations. Below is a picture of necrotic bone (the black color, indicates necrosis) in a cavitation located within bone. The ending of the nerve is frayed due to the damage.

Once the pits were cleaned out, Dr. Volz inserted material cultured from my own blood into the pits and stitched up the overlying tissue. The cultured material stimulates bone growth and tissue healing, which ideally will allow the holes to fill up and heal completely.

Once the surgery was complete, I went through a protocol involving the use of a cooling mask on my face to help with inflammation and lymph flow, along with arnica compresses. I also used Traumeel cream twice each day on my face. I took homeopathic remedies and ibuprofen for pain relief. I also brought my therapeutic ultrasound machine with so that I could use it to facilitate drainage of lymph from my face and neck. The following two days, I had two more nutritional IVs, along with dexamethasone for the pain, and I consumed bone broth for more bone-building nutrients. I also began taking Swiss Biohealth’s Immune Basics supplements, which provide vitamins and minerals for repairing bone tissue.

Amazingly, right after the surgery, my face already looked different from how it did pre-surgery, but in a good way! It looked far less inflamed, and I could see my bone structure much better. Apparently, the infection had been making the muscles in my face chronically inflamed for years, resulting in my face looking fuller than it actually is. My facial muscles were extremely tight, bordering on TMJ pre-surgery, and they began to relax noticeably post-surgery. I also could breathe out of my nose for the first time in years!

It is now a little over a month since I had the surgery, and I can honestly say that the surgery has made a huge difference in my body. When I look in the mirror, my face looks like it did before I ever became sick; the inflammation has decreased dramatically. Also, the chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) I had been struggling with has been fading away gradually. I no longer feel like the veins in my neck are cramping and unable to drain. The lymph nodes under my jaw are small again – they used to be swollen all the time. In addition, my energy has increased and I feel much more positive and happy in terms of my emotional health and mindset. I think this surgery was exactly what I needed in order to push myself into new levels of healing.