Natasha H.

Colorado, USA

Natasha H.

I visited Swiss Biohealth Clinic and had such a great experience! I feel very grateful to Dr. Volz and his wonderful staff!
A report about my after-surgery changes:

  • constant pain in the LR jaw since October 2018 – resolved
  • un-resolving intestinal infections and dis-bacteriosis with accompanying pain – improved
  • increasing thyroid issues – improved.  I haven’t done any thyroid tests yet but energetically it tests much better. It feels better too.
  • chills – greatly improved
  • neck pain – resolved
  • hand numbness – resolved
  • overwhelming fatigue – greatly improved 

I am interested in repeating some of the blood work some time this summer, as I think the difference between before and after might be quite dramatic!

Gebiss vor der Behandlung
Gebiss nach der Behandlung mit Keramik-Implantaten