Patientin Pamela Hetz

Illinois, USA


In spring of 2016, my five-year battle with Lyme disease was getting VERY serious all of a sudden. I rushed to the Cleveland Clinic and simultaneously arranged to get stem cell treatment at a reputable hospital in New Delhi, India.

Just before I went to India, I discovered that I had an abscess root canal. Could the abscessed root canal be the reason why I felt like I was going to die? Or, was it really the Lyme disease getting worse?

The abscess root canal was removed in Chicago, Illinois and I was NOT given appropriate antibiotics. Why was the lack of appropriate antibiotics a big deal? I had breast implants! The bacteria from the removal of the abscessed root canal caused an infection that seeded in my breast implants and my body went septic.

After ten weeks in India receiving IV antibiotics and the most potent stem cells available in the world, I still felt like I was dying.  Stem cells were fed to my brain via a spinal catheter that was in place for a total of fifteen days. How could these miraculous stem cells rebuild a dirty body?

I had an epiphany; I realized the removal of all focal infections (breast implants, cavitations, and root canals) would be the key to saving my life. Simultaneously, I started paying attention to Doctor Klinghart’s methods regarding detoxification and balancing the body.

As if God himself was backing up my thoughts on Doctor Kilinghart’s methodology, a new patient, a lady that also had Lyme disease checked in to the India hospital. She checked in towards the end off my stem cell treatment. She told the story of healing from Lyme. Under the care of Sophia Health Institute’s Dr. Christine Schaffner, she was 85% better. After stem cell treatment, she was in full remission and 100% better. She was in India for booster stem cell treatment in order to maintain her health gains. It was time spent with this young lady that reiterated the need to clean up my body and address focal infections.

The stem cells saved my life. I know this. I was seriously septic and I don’t believe United States doctors, dentists, or myself would have figured out the breast implants were a time bomb. Deadly bacteria called Enterococcus Faecium was found in the biopsy of my breast implant capsule tissue. There is ONE antibiotic that kills the bacteria! And, if you are on antidepressants, you cannot use that antibiotic. Guess where Enterococcus Faecium is typically found? In the mouth! And, Enterococcus Faecium was in my chest cavity!

When I returned home to Chicago from Delhi, my breast implants literally started pushing themselves out of my body. The fire in my chest was intense and I knew my life depended on breast implant removal/explant. Can you imagine the push back from my family? I had just returned home from ten weeks away and immediately (without a doctor’s guidance) had my breast implants removed. My sanity was questioned and I learned a lot about human nature. The love of animals, and friends from the Lyme disease community kept me alive.

After the breast explant surgery, I started twitching badly and thought I might have ALS or MS. I had a B12 deficiency that was identified months before in a test ordered by the Cleveland Clinic that shows what my vitamins were at the cellular level. I didn’t understand the importance of B12 in the human body and the functional medicine folks at the Cleveland Clinic missed addressing this. My blood levels of B12 were very high but the B12 was not getting to my cells. Reviewing the labs, I realized the dangerous B12 deficiency. I realized this 7 months after the test clearly showed that my B12 cellular content was in the danger zone! Since the test was old, I had to prove my deficiency to the neurologist with updated cellular level B12 tests. I was THEN given B12 shots.

In anticipation of my first medical visit at Sophia Health Institute, I had all root canals removed and replaced with inert, non-allergenic, and non-conductive zirconium oxide dental implants. All cavitations were excavated and all fillings were replaced with ceramic inlays. Swiss-biohealth and Doctor Volz gave me my smile back and likely saved my life by removing the last of my eight focal infections (two breast implants, two root canals, and four cavitations).


I figured out a few things. These are my opinions based on experience. I am not a doctor and my opinion is no substitute for advice given by your trusted physician.

1) If you have breast implants, getting any dental work done before breast explant surgery can be very dangerous.

2) If you have root canals and breast implants, there is a chance that bacteria from the existing root canal can seed in the breast implants and cause sepsis. I believe antibiotics are critical and must be used to support the body before and after dental surgery when breast implants are present.

3) There are plenty of scientific papers that outline precautionary measures that should be taken when someone with a hip or knee implant is in the dental chair. Most dentists understand that bacteria released during dental procedures can gravitate towards implants and cause infection and biofilms. There are no studies on the dangers of dental work and breast implants!

4) There is now a new breast cancer called Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA- ALCL). BIA-ALCL is caused by biofilm bacteria in the textured grooves of breast implants. During breast explant, a CD30 biopsy test will tell you if BIA-ALCL is present.

5) Undergoing serious dental work like cavitations or root canal removal when you are an unhealthy woman with TEXTURED implants is very dangerous. This is my opinion based on experience and evidenced by the new Breast Implant associated bio-film cancer called BIA-ALCL.