peder sverdrup

Oslo, Norway

Peder Sverdrup

I am a Norwegian man in my mid-forties. I have had diffuse health problems for more than 20 years, slowly increasing year by year. Probably a major root cause was mercury poisoning from 5 amalgam fillings. The most important symptoms have been problems with food, often feeling bloated and not good after a meal, and sleep, often having inefficient sleep.

By 2008 I was burned out and was not able to work. There was no help from doctors, so I had to read the books and find my own way. I spent one year to find a direction and start doing the right things, then one year to get back to work. Later I found out I have parasites. I still research and try new things.

In January 2019, six months ago, I had my cavitation surgery at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic. I had cavitations at all four wisdom teeth sites. Both left wisdom teeth were out in 2008. The right ones were still there and had to be pulled in order to clean out the cavitations.

Right after the surgery I had detox symptoms – different digestion, water in legs and arms, strong urine color. This went away after a few days and weeks. A few weeks later I felt that my circadian rhythm was better – it was suddenly much easier to go to bed early. I have tried this for years, with difficulty.

Vor der Kavitationsoperation
Nach der Kavitationsoperation

Now, 6 months later, my circadian rhythm is still better. So this is a lasting change from the cavitation surgery. Now I easily go to bed at 21:30 – and up around 5. This was not so before the cavitation surgery.
Also my morning fatigue has improved. Before the surgery I was always tired in the morning around 10-11. Not so anymore. These are the two most important changes. I am not rid of all symptoms. But these two improvements have been big. My cavitations have been healing without problems these 6 months. However, there are still around 6 more months before the bone has fully grown back. So I still take care of my diet and lifestyle, like I learned at the clinic, watching my LDL and D3.

I much appreciated the Swiss Biohealth method of preparing the body for surgery months ahead with vitamins and lifestyle, and a similar program after the surgery.