Patientin Rose Anastasio

New York, USA

Rose Anastasio

I had my first visit to SWISS BIOHEALTH on March 5, 2018 on the recommendation of my physician at Sophia health institute. My journey has been a along one struggling with lyme disease since 2004. I have ongoing chronic sinus infections, migraine, joint pain, low energy and a loss of vitality of life.

With Dr. Jen at Sophia, I am slowly rebuilding my weakened immune system, while killing all forms of bacteria viruses. Heavy metal detox is a huge part of my protocol. Dr. Volz cleaned out 4 cavitation sites and installed two implants. One site has a huge hole and bone loss and Dr. Volz remarked that in his 26 years of treating cavitations, he rated mine a 9 out of 10. In addition to the infection, he found and removed a small piece of metal left from prior wisdom tooth extractions surgery. There were mercury posits left in the site as well. Immediately after surgery, my eyes opened wider and I was able to see more clearly. The sharp ear pain and crackling in my right ear subsided.