Testimonial Shelley Layton


Shelley Layton

Dear (Friends) Staff of SWISS BIOHEALTH,

Mahalo – thank you! I am so grateful for the skillful work done for my (mouth) health. My 4 metal implants failed because of bone loss. I received the best care from the nursing staff and Dr. Josephine Tietje. Many years of dental work because of a car accident 50 years ago have given me insights into good dentistry. Dr. Volz’s team and techniques are the best in the world. I travelled two times halfway around the world from Maui Hawaii for the major dental work, 9 implants, removal of infected root canals, removal of old metal implants and bone graft. Also discovered more amalgam under 4 crowns so they were redone. Because of the aftercare which is a combination of medicine, vitamins, herbs and other treatments I look normal and feel good considering my extensive surgery was just one week ago. I recommend this life changing work.