Sabine Schliebusch: Therapist at SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC

sabine schliebusch

Specialist for ART according to Dr. Klinghardt

Expert in the treatment of interference fields

Instructor for ART

Career / Vita

Sabine Schliebusch first completed her apprenticeship as a medical assistant and then spent several years working as a first-aid assistant in offices with a wide variety of specializations. In 1985, she completed an additional training as a medical assistant. Furthermore, her interest was in gaining as much knowledge as possible in various disciplines. She occupied numerous trainings during this time. In 1995, in addition to her practical experience, she began the training as a naturopath. With the examination in 1998, she opened her practice near Freiburg and began her training with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. One year later, she assisted him at his seminars in Germany and abroad in addition to her work in her own practice. She worked several times in his practice in Seattle and since 2001 she teaches ART after Dr. Klinghardt in Germany and abroad.

sabine schliebusch art

Sabine’s work is based on the holistic or 5-level model of Dr. Klinghardt in treating patients. It includes the physical level as well as the emotional, mental or (family) systemic level. Mainly in the context of chronic complaints or illnesses, the treatment of interference fields, toxins, such as heavy metals, etc., microorganisms, but also the underlying mental and emotional aspects are important steps on the way to health.

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