It’s time for tip #3.  Since our nutrition has become completely empty of micro- nutrients but our need has significantly increased due to the toxic environment we have to get used to taking supplements all life long. Because most of us are very deficient we first have to take the Basic Immune (which was developed by Dr. Klinghardt and my dad two years ago) and contains about 20 ingredients perfectly combined. It is very convenient as you only have to take it twice a day, once in the morning (Energy) and once in the evening (Relax) and your level will be set up in a perfect mode. That’s as well how we prepare our patients for their surgeries but for normal usage you are going to feel much more energized. We had people who’s hair began to grow again, as well as their skin improved or they could just sleep much better and longer. After one month of filling up your deposits, you could go along with ‘Daily use’ which is exactly the same but in a much lower dosage. Just for times that stress your body, such as traveling or the job, you should switch for a few days to ‘Basic Immune’ and then you can go back to ‘Daily use’ again.

I just finished my exams and during my learning period, I took Basic Immune to keep up my energy levels and to be able to learn harder and to get more into my brain. I could feel how I woke up with energy and motivation for the day. This is only one example of an extreme situation, where one should take in Basic Immune instead of Daily Use. Always when I know, that there will be a time where my body needs more energy, I take in Basic Immune to strengthen my immune system.


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