sweating detox

At least once a day you should sweat very intensely since sweating is the best and most effective way to detox!! To save time and for motivation purposes, my dad is exercising along Shaun T.’s hardcore workout T25. When I did it the first time, some hours later I thought I’m going to die and barely couldn’t walk…  Since I’m exercising now for many months every morning with my dad, I’ve got used to it and love the feeling and the massive energy afterwards.

Also, when I was in the middle of learning for my final exam, T25 allowed me to do sport every morning since it only takes you 25 minutes of workout every day. Before I could never motivate myself to go to the gym in the evening and I never had the time to go jogging in the morning. It really is the best solution for me, as I can do my workout in the morning only in 25 minutes before I start into my day.

T25 is also great because it really gets your body to the edge. The workout is designed to train and challenge every single muscle in your body at different levels. There is the Alpha level, the Beta level, and the Gamma level. It is impossible to start with the Gamma level, as the levels before prepare your body for the final stage. My dad and I love to see how we get stronger each time we do it.

There are no breaks between the different exercises what makes the workout so effective as your body is constantly working. I compared T25 to other workout videos on YouTube and found this one the most effective and challenging one, as well as did I achieve the most progress.

A short introduction on YouTube about T25: https://youtu.be/FHtVKvhSRoY

How do exercise?

Have a nice evening and a good start into the week,



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