ethernet - surf without any radiation

My dad is addicted to technology but he always asks us to use it in a smart way. One smart way would be to switch on flight mode and plug your iPhone into the ethernet and surf without any radiation but much faster!

Ethernet can be installed very easily and quickly. See the picture for the device which you can’t buy as a set but as single components.

lightning to camera adapter. From there USB to ethernet and lightning to power charger and it works!!! We’ve installed dozens of those in our clinic since our patients are not allowed to use WiFi or mobile network inside our premises.

I myself love the ethernet, as for my school, I sometimes have to sit for hours in front of my laptop. With wifi, I get a very bad headache and I can feel how my whole body is exhausted after a few hours due to the unhealthy radiation. Also, is the internet much faster when using ethernet. Updates, as well as downloads, need less time shortening the time you’re spending in front of your electronic devices.

Moreover, is there no need anymore to switch on and off the wifi in your home. I can only recommend you guys switch on your wifi as rarely as possible, especially during the night it is important to be wifi-free. The ethernet allows you to live in a wifi-free home, which is a huge benefit for your health and since it is not less convenient than wifi, there is no point in continuing using wifi, when there is another healthier option.

Have you tried out ethernet yet?



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  1. great tip…but which apple adapter exactly?



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