One of the most important things for a good regeneration is restful sleep. A restful sleep is vital for our body, to manage the day. Our body is our machine, without him we couldn’t do anything, therefore it is so important to take care of our body and to allow him to shut down.  

During the night, when we sleep it is the only time for our body to totally relax and to regenerate, in order to recharge the battery. It is important to provide your body with a 100% stress-free environment during your sleep. This means, shielding yourself from EMF, making sure that you’re not sleeping on an underground watercourse and darkening your bedroom to allow your eyes to rest. One first step is to so-called close the window which means having a silver net around your bed shielding yourself from EMF radiation. Such as the Swiss Shield:

This amazing net shields your body from any radiation and therefore allows your body to regenerate. There are various sizes, depending on the size and shape of your bed, that can be ordered online. It also shields yourself from mosquitoes ;D.

I myself have this net in my bedroom and I could clearly feel a difference to before when I slept without the net exposing my body to the external stressor of EMF. I recorded, that my sleep is much deeper and that I wake up more easily in the morning with much more energy. And this in combination with the Vivobase, a plugin that also shields EMF (I will explain the Vivobase in more detail within another post) and the shutting down of the whole electric circuit that runs through my apartment, I feel alive and strengthened each morning when I wake up.

How do you shield yourself from EMF?

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