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At the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC, we replace metal implants with metal-free ceramic implants from SDS SWISS DENTAL SOLUTIONS  for the highest standards of compatibility, health and aesthetics.

The Alternative to metal: ceramic implants


Ceramic implants made of zirconium oxide (also called zirconium oxide implants) can be a genuine alternative to the frequently used titanium implants for people with intolerances. The gums grow onto this metal-free implant solution particularly well, thereby closing the gap for any bacteria that could enter into the blood circulation via the gums.

In addition, ceramic implants do not release any particles into the tissue, therefore eliminating the risk of allergies or intolerances developing. Due to the good level of tolerance, it is no longer possible to imagine biological dentistry without the use of ceramics as an implant material.

The ceramic dental implants used in SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC were developed by our pioneer Dr. Volz and his company SWISS DENTAL SOLUTIONS. They are the best ceramic implants available on the market.

The purity of the latest two-part SDS implant generation was tested and confirmed in an elaborate, independent process by the CleanImplant Foundation. In October 2021, this uncompromising surface quality was awarded a certificate.

Metallfreie Keramik-Implantate

Für weitere Informationen zu unseren metallfreiem Zahnersatz nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf!

Use of ceramic implants cccording to the Swiss Biohealth Concept

Thanks to the “SCC Short Cut Concept According to Dr. Volz” introduced in 2014, our dentists now have the unique opportunity both to remove problem areas, such as metal implants, ischemic osteonecrosis or root-treated teeth, as well as to insert the ceramic implants in one single treatment. This allows the immune system to work perfectly – systemic stress is eliminated and the implants can reliably heal in place.

Frequently asked questions about our zirconium oxide implants

How long do ceramic implants last?

Ceramic implants are a lifelong solution with proper dental care and oral hygiene. On average, however, they last at least 15-20 years. We therefore recommend that you pay particular attention to oral hygiene. Have any inflammations or diseases that occur treated immediately.

How do ceramic implants perform in terms of Aesthetics?

Ceramic implants are naturally white and very close to the natural tooth color. They are highly aesthetic. This tooth replacement will give you back your most beautiful smile.

How long does it take for the dental implant to grow in?

As a rule, ceramic implants take at least three to six months to heal. Depending on the bone quality and individual healing process, the healing process (osseointegration) takes different lengths of time. Our specialists will inform you about this individually after your operation.

Treatment procedure at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC

Supplementary micronutrient preparations should be taken four weeks before and after the zirconium oxide implant restoration. These promote healing and stabilize your immune system by supplying the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs.

The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes per implant. There may be minimal swelling. Following the treatment, you should take it easy for another 3 days and not work.

Viele unserer Patienten haben gute Erfahrungen mit unseren Zirkonoxid-Implantaten gemacht. Lesen Sie mehr darüber in unseren Testimonials.