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In the Swiss Biohealth Clinic we gently remove dead teeth according to the Swiss Biohealth Concept.

What are root-treated teeth / dead teeth?

Dentists speak of root-treated teeth or even dead teeth when the interior of the tooth has died. Dead teeth often occur when good dental care and oral hygiene do not take place. Root-treated teeth may be the result of cavities and gum inflammation. This destructive process causes nerves and blood vesselsto die and eventually leads to the tooth being cut off from vital nutrients and ultimately dying.

Dead teeth are a burden for the organism and are a problem area. Each time chewing occurs, bacteria and toxins are released into the lymphatic system of the surrounding tissue. From there, they enter the bloodstream and are spread throughout the body, allowing them to trigger many other severe secondary complications.

Your personal root treatment

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Diagnosing Dead Teeth

The following symptoms often occur in patients who have root-treated teeth:

  • A gray, darkly discolored tooth that has lost its luster
  • Crumbling, unstable teeth
  • Pain when biting down on a tooth
  • Swelling that occurs when the tooth becomes inflamed

At the Swiss Biohealth Clinic, we work with three-dimensional X-ray images in order to precisely determine the degree of inflammation in the root-treated tooth.

Root canal treatments according to the Swiss Biohealth Concept

Root-treated teeth are extracted as gently as possible according to the Swiss Biohealth Concept. It is imperative that gums and bones be completely free of injury following the removal process. The ligament – the fiber system holding the root – is completely removed during the operation so that the brain will realize immediately that the tooth has been fully extracted, thereby directly triggering the release of the corresponding bone growth factors.

Ceramic implants for root-treated teeth

Keramik-Implantate bei wurzelbehandelten Zähnen

Since ceramic implants made of the high-performance material zirconium dioxide were introduced by Dr. Volz, biological dentistry now allows you to offer your patients a biological solution for root-treated teeth for the first time. After the dead tooth is removed, it is replaced by the zirconium dioxide implant, which has less of a tendency to inflame the gums than the natural tooth and cannot be attacked by caries bacteria.

Treatment Procedure at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic

The operation at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic lasts around 20 minutes per tooth. No swelling will occur. Even so, you should take at least 3 days off following the surgical intervention.

In preparation for the surgical intervention, Basic Immune should be taken for 2-4 weeks before the dental operation and for another 4 weeks after the operation as well. This preparation will stabilize your immune system and stimulate the healing process.