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In the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC we gently remove displaced wisdom teeth according to the SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT.

What is meant by displaced wisdom teeth?

Displaced wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that are in the wrong place or erupt in the wrong direction. Due to the lack of available space in the jaw, the wisdom teeth often erupt in an improper position. Since displaced teeth frequently push at an angle against the root of adjacent teeth, thereby endangering them, removal (extraction) is generally considered.

What are retained wisdom teeth?

Retained teeth only manage to partially erupt. They often cause reddening of the gums, swelling, pain and difficulty in swallowing. Extraction is also often advised for impacted wisdom teeth.

Removal of displaced wisdom teeth according to the SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT

In line with biological dentistry and our SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPTdisplaced wisdom teeth are gently removed while preserving the bone. In addition, care is taken during the biological removal of wisdom teeth to ensure that the surgical intervention is minimally invasive, i.e. that the oral surgeon makes the incision as small as possible. In holistic dentistry, large incisions are frequently made (invasive) that result in major swelling and prevent good healing. For this reason, patients frequently suffer from inflammation following wisdom teeth extractions, called ischemic necrosis.

Behandlung von verlagerten Weisheitszähnen

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Why do wisdom teeth often have to be removed?

Since wisdom teeth are the last to erupt in the dentition, there is often no more room for them. They no longer fit regularly into the existing row of teeth. To avoid damage caused by them, they are then removed by the dentist.

Treatment procedure at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC

In addition to ceramic implants, we also offer the biological removal of wisdom teeth at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC. To do this, we first prepare an X-ray image and then discuss the upcoming surgical intervention in detail with you. The operation then lasts around 45 min. – 1.5 hours for each area of the jaw. Minimal to moderate swelling may occur for 2-7 days following the operation.

In preparation for the surgical intervention, Basic Immune should be taken for 4 weeks before the dental operation and also for another 4 weeks following the operation. This preparation will stabilize your immune system and stimulate the healing process.