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At the Swiss Biohealth Clinic, you can improve your wound healing and strengthen your immune system with vitamin C infusions.

High dosage of vitamin C

Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, helps to protect the cells in the body and to keep them healthy. Vitamin C should be taken in daily, for example through the food. However, higher dosages are recommended for operations associated with inflammation, such as root canal treatments, as well as various diseases, such as cancer. These dosages can no longer be absorbed through food alone.

Strengthening the immune system with a vitamin C infusion

In our Swiss Biohealth Concept, vitamin C infusions are of great significance. We use them for a better wound healing and to strengthen the immune system. Through a high-dose vitamin C infusion, the vitamin C enters the blood circulation directly and does not have to be absorbed by the intestinal mucosa first. Especially people with a reduced intestinal absorption capacity benefit from this.

Vitamin C is a typical antioxidant which kills viruses and prevents virus replication. For this reason, it has also been and is used in coronavirus-related pandemics (SARS, MERS and now NCP).

Vitamin C therapy

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What is the difference to vitamin C powder and pills?

Many people take vitamin C in form of pills or powder. The vitamin C is thus taken in by the digestive tract. However, this can only be done in small quantities. This way, too high of a dose is excreted undigested.

If there is a vitamin C deficiency, vitamin C must be supplied quickly. This can be done with vitamin C infusions, which supply the vitamin C directly to the blood. For example, a vitamin C deficiency can occur in the following cases:

  • operations with concomitant inflammations
  • chronic or acute infections
  • chronic inflammatory diseases
  • disturbed intestinal absorption

Vitamin C infusion benefits

During their stay, patients at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic receive a daily vitamin C infusion – or more – to strengthen their immune system. The administration of the infusion takes about 45 minutes. Subsequently, the vitamin C level in the blood is so high that all tissues in the body are optimally supplied. With infusion therapy, side effects occur very rarely.

Experiences with vitamin C infusions

In our blog Dr. Volz talks about his experiences with the vitamin C therapy and the Swiss Biohealth Concept!