First Aid Leaflet

currently my parents are in the most beautiful place of the Engadin, St. Moritz. My parents favorite activity is hiking as it allows my dad to release his mind and escape from everyday problems and thoughts! Most of his ideas, whether it be the ceramic implants or the #allinoneconcept developed during a stay in the mountains with some hiking. Right now my dad is working on the on a concept to provide even more health to the public on a greater scale. He wants the whole world to be healthy! He used the Swiss speed limit system to explain his ideas to me earlier on:

First of all, you need to be aware that there is a speed limit, as otherwise the bills you have to pay for being to fast can be exorbitant high. That is comparable to raising awareness for different diseases, such as through this Instagram account in order to help the public prevent and escape from those diseases. Secondly, you will need a speedometer to check whether you are exceeding the speed limit or if you are far to slow. Regarding this last point my dad is currently working on some questionnaires where you could easily and accurately define your personal situation and risk for certain diseases. Finally, you have to adjust your speed to the speed limit. And if you drive through the Swiss countryside you need to be fully concentrated as the speed limit switches all the time from 30 to 50 to 60,80 etc. making it quite exhausting if you have no automatic adjustment to the correct speed. And that is exactly why my dad is developing all these products, such as Basic Immune to provide a convenient and quick improvement on a daily basis and to control your improvement through the measuring devices (questionnaires). We are so happy that within a few days our first aid leaflet for Lyme disease and cancer will be published! My dad worked on that leaflet with many different doctors over the last 10 years. The leaflet will be free available and is going to explain you the causes for chronic diseases and it will allow us to estimate your personal situation and risk and quantity of symptoms. Doing that over and over every single week allows to see the improvements following the seven golden rules of how you could improve your health on a daily basis without needing help from the outside.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday, Coco

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