A testimonial by Tamir, a great patient of us:
Before anything else, I want to express that your clinic is really amazing. I can’t stress enough how happy I am to have found you guys. What you are doing there is pioneering and revolutionary. It takes a unique character and courage to go against the mainstream and build a solid approach that actually makes a difference in people’s life and well-being.

An old saying goes – ‘Even a tiny light pushes away a lot of darkness’. Your clinic is like that small light in a very dark industry. However, in our era, sometimes it’s all you need to start a movement. I sure hope that you will have the honor of seeing your approach becoming the norm and that you’ll get the recognition you deserve for your astonishing work.
I feel so much better and relieved after the treatment. Maybe there is also a psychological component playing a part here but I don’t know. Only after coming back home and examine the metals that were taken out of my mouth I finally understood how important and fundamental this procedure was. I still have some pain and healing process but it’s really not severe so far. I will have my detailed review for Anika later on, however, I just wanted to express a little of my experience.
And one more thing about your team. All of the team members I have encountered with were fantastic. They are committed to the patient success. I felt that it’s their mission and ideology. You should be very proud as these things always starts with management.
People are coming to your clinic very vulnerable. I assume that many are like me, having concerns and don’t know what to expect. The way your team acted is practically a role model for how the medical profession should be. Clara, Barbara, Paul, Enkeleda, Krasimir, Anika & Alisha, just to name a few. Each and every one of them made me feel I am in good hands. The one that I just have to emphasize is Selma. I can’t even explain why, but her presence and care just had a significant impact on my feeling and calmness. She was also the one holding my head during the treatment. However, her support goes way beyond that. She is simply enlightened.
See you again in September. I believe we will keep in contact until then as I might need some guidance or answers as I am healing.

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