Friday Testimonial Day

Another beautiful testimonial by one of our patients, Cynthia Milne:

I experienced sudden fluctuating hearing loss and tinnitus in the fall of 2017. After searching from coast to coast in US via mainstream medicine, I was not given much hope that I would find the cause. As symptoms worsened neck pain, facial numbness, shoulder frozen, brain fog, etc. a caring friend and former patient of Swiss Biohealth, Pam Hetz, recommended I look into it as well as going to Sophia Health Institute. Coming to SBH has given me a renewed sense of hope and healing. I feel no more electricity running through my mouth, my hearing and tinnitus have improved within days of treatment. When you come here, you are understood and treated with great care and empathy. I am looking forward to my next step at Sophia and to continuing to improve my health. I am grateful to all of the staff Dr, Josephine and Dr. Shelev for creating a place and systems where true health can be rediscovered.

Cynthia Milne, Chicago

P.S. I had 10 amalgam fillings and  two crowns replaced. 6 of the amalgam fillings were covered by ceramic in USA. Thank goodness Dr. Josephine was able to accommodate the addition work to remove them.

I wish everyone a god day and a good start into the weekend! Coco

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