Swiss Biohealth

In the Swiss Biohealth Clinic, we gently remove amalgam according to the Swiss Biohealth Concept.

Amalgam in Dentistry

In order to seal holes caused by tooth decay, amalgam has been and still is used by many dentists as a filler. Besides silver and various other metals, amalgam consists of 50% mercury. And yet mercury is one of the most toxic non-radioactive elements on our planet. In the body, mercury can be spread via the digestive tract to all areas of the body and be deposited in organs, bones and the brain. The half-life period in the brain is 16-30 years, for example.

Your personal amalgam removal

Please contact us for more information concerning amalgam removal and our ceramic inlays!

Advantages of amalgam removal and ceramic inlays

Amalgam and the other metallic components of amalgam can cause severe diseases even in small doses. Frequent headaches, migraines, depression, rheumatic disorders, visual disorders, loss of memory or even common colds may be the result of harmful amalgam fillings.

Detoxification and amalgam removal will give your immune system long-lasting relief. Moreover, your body will no longer be adversely affected by amalgam. By using harmless ceramic inlays, you will be free of any health-related worries concerning filler materials in the future.

Process of amalgam removal and provision of ceramic inlays at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic

Therefore, the removal of amalgam using six-fold protection is the first step of the Swiss Biohealth ALL-IN-ONE CONCEPT. The harmful amalgam is then replaced by CEREC ceramic inlays or long-term transitional prostheses.

The treatment at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic lasts between 45 min. – 1 hour per tooth. No pain or swelling is anticipated. You will be able to resume your normal activities as soon as the anesthetic has worn off.