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The Swiss Biohealth Concept

Dr. Ulrich Volz

Up to 70% of all chronic diseases are associated with problem areas in the oral cavity. For this reason, comprehensive dental restoration is at the heart of the Swiss Biohealth Concept, with its biological treatment concepts and protocols trailblazing an entirely new direction for the future of biological medicine.

Dental Restorations at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic

As part of MY BIOHEALTH Week, the ALL-IN-ONE CONCEPTallows Swiss Biohealth Clinic to perform even the most complex restorationsin only a few days, like no other clinic, resulting in permanent teeth that are free of metal. The ceramic implants used in these procedures have been invented “here.”

Ceramic Implants

While ceramic implants are a key element in the biological ALL-IN-ONE CONCEPT, they are by no means the only factor. By using this method, only one appointment is usually needed to eliminate all of the metal and fully perform the surgical and implantological procedures for fitting immediate implants, thereby discharging the patient with aesthetically pleasing and durable long-term transitional prostheses. One surprising result is that the patients, most of whom have chronic conditions, experience a significant improvement after just one treatment, as clearly shown in the before/after photos or videos.


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The essence of biological dentistry:

Dentistry without any metal

Dentistry without any metal

Holistic dentistry

Aesthetic ceramic implants

What Is Biological Dentistry?

The Swiss Biohealth Concept stands for dentistry that considers the “human” organism in a “bio-logical” way. No other area of our body is as heavily saturated with heavy metals, alloys, toxic materials, dead organs – root-treated teeth – and inflammationsas the mouth and jaw areas.

The goal of BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY according to Dr. Volz® is to eliminate the acute sources of stress and relieve the immune system as quickly as possible. It also provides an implant solution that is just as harmless as it is aesthetically impeccable.


Getting healthy

Treatment procedure of the Swiss Biohealth Concept

Biologische Zahnmedizin


Swiss Biohealth Clinic

Pre and Post Immunological Treatment


Dental Restoration


Your treatment begins with a comprehensive examination and dental history questionnaire undertaken by our dentists and therapists. It is only after precise findings have been determined that the further course of treatment will be discussed with you.

Part of the diagnostic process involves the preparation of a three-dimensional X-ray image, an LDL and vitamin D3 (25 OH) analysis, immunological tests and intolerance tests, a meridian analysis and a neurotherapeutic simulation.

Pre and Post Immunological Treatment

The Swiss Biohealth Concept includes comprehensive pre and post immunological treatment in order to optimally prepare you for surgery and also bolster your health following the operation. The main goal is to strengthen your immune system through detoxification and by building up vitamin D3.

Dental Restoration

The first step of the dental restoration is to eliminate metal, removing metals such as amalgam and titanium. The next step is to remove all root-treated teeth and infected teeth, root residues, wisdom teeth, osteonecrosisand foreign bodies quadrant by quadrant. This is followed by immediately implanting the long-term transitional prosthesis. As soon as a healthy situation has been achieved by this process, the long-term transitional prosthesis will be replaced by the final ceramic crowns.

Getting Healthy

Remaining Healthy

It is only when biological medicine and biological dentistry work hand in hand that patients have a real chance to experience profound and holistic healing.

In light of the skyrocketing increase in chronic diseases, this form of medicine is the only way out of the current dead end. The immune system is significantly improved simply by removing metals and treating the sources of inflammation in the mouth and jaw areas. Patients are given a better chance of recovery by relieving and strengthening the immune system and by eliminating other harmful factors.



Experiences of our patients

Johannes Bergmann

Tegernsee, Deutschland

Dr. Johannes Bergmann

Only four weeks after the surgery, I was able to master the Engadine Ski Marathon (42 km cross-country skiing) with a TOP feeling full of energy and stamina. In addition, I feel that my ability to regenerate has increased, which has strengthened my resilience and my ability to drive.

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Patientin Martha Berry


Martha Berry

For the first time in a year I was able to play tennis again, returned to work and started my social life again. I want Dr. Thank Volz and his staff for everything they have done to improve my health!

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