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Comprehensive, dental rehabilitation and strengthening of the immune system are the focus of THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT.
Developed by the best therapists and pioneers in their field, it includes not only dental rehabilitation, but also the preparation and follow-up of a treatment. In addition, it provides the patient with individualized, health-promoting protocols.
The main focus of THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT is the elimination of interference fields in the oral cavity, which are the starting point of up to 70% of all chronic diseases.

Dental rehabilitations according to the ALL IN ONE CONCEPT

Month-long healing processes and multi-part sessions are a thing of the past!
The ALL IN ONE CONCEPT developed “here” offers the historical possibility to eliminate all dental problems in only one sequence.
In one step, interference fields are removed and replaced by ceramic implants. In the shortest possible time, you will receive metal-free, fixed teeth and be fully functional again.


Metal-free dentistry

An elementary component of THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT is consistent metal-free dentistry. The ceramic implants developed by Dr. Ulrich Volz offer the unique option of managing complex implantological dental rehabilitation in usually only one session. Due to their neutral nature, ceramic implants fuse with the body in a biological way. They are an immediate relief for the immune system and can be fitted with highly esthetic and stable long-term temporaries.

Dr. Ulrich Volz

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The essence of biological dentistry:

Dentistry without any metal

Dentistry without any metal

Holistic dentistry

Aesthetic ceramic implants


The THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT is a holistic treatment concept developed by Dr. Ulrich Volz. It can be adapted to the individual needs of the patient and includes the preparation and follow-up of the treatment as well as the dental rehabilitation. The goal is to strengthen the immune system and the patient’s lasting, all-round health.


The ALL IN ONE CONCEPT offers the unique possibility of complex tooth rehabilitation in only one session. In one step, interference fields are removed and replaced by the ceramic implant. Multi-part sessions up to the long-term provisional are not necessary.

Get healthy


Biologische Zahnmedizin


Swiss Biohealth Clinic

Pre and Post Immunological Treatment


Dental Restoration


Your treatment begins with a comprehensive examination and dental history questionnaire undertaken by our dentists and therapists. It is only after precise findings have been determined that the further course of treatment will be discussed with you.

Part of the diagnostic process involves the preparation of a three-dimensional X-ray image, an LDL and vitamin D3 (25 OH) analysis, immunological tests and intolerance tests, a meridian analysis and a neurotherapeutic simulation.

Immunological pre- and post-operative treatment

For optimal surgery preparation, you will receive comprehensive immunological pre- and post-operative treatment according to the THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT. The aim here is to strengthen your immune system through detoxification and the build-up of vitamin D3, even beyond the period of the operation.

Dental restoration

We start with metal decontamination. Metals such as amalgam and titanium are removed. Root-treated and treated teeth, root remnants, wisdom teeth, osteonecrosis and foreign bodies are then removed. This is followed by immediate implantation of the long-term temporary denture. If the healing process was successful, the long-term provisional is replaced with final ceramic crowns.

Getting Healthy

Remaining Healthy

Only the interaction of Biological Medicine and Biological Dentistry offers the patient the chance of a profound and comprehensive cure.

This type of medicine is the only approach to effectively counteract the explosive increase in chronic diseases. The removal of the interference fields in the mouth and jaw area relieves the immune system. The use of biological substances improves healing and achieves long-term health.


Experiences of our patients

Johannes Bergmann

Tegernsee, Deutschland

Dr. Johannes Bergmann

Only four weeks after the surgery, I was able to master the Engadine Ski Marathon (42 km cross-country skiing) with a TOP feeling full of energy and stamina. In addition, I feel that my ability to regenerate has increased, which has strengthened my resilience and my ability to drive.

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Patientin Martha Berry


Martha Berry

For the first time in a year I was able to play tennis again, returned to work and started my social life again. I want Dr. Thank Volz and his staff for everything they have done to improve my health!

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