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At the Swiss Biohealth Clinic we use aesthetic and metal-free ceramic crowns for teeth, because they are biocompatible and do not cause allergies.

Zircon crowns: metal-free tooth crowns made of ceramic

A crown is a dental prosthesis that is attached to the tooth stump and glued in place when a tooth is lost. Crowns can be made of synthetic material, metal or ceramic.

What are zirconia crowns?

A zircon crown is a full ceramic crown that consists of a ceramic core made of zirconium oxide and a ceramic veneer.

Ceramic as a material for crowns is metal-free and as a result, it cannot cause allergies. The color of zircon crowns comes close to the natural color of a tooth. Even if we use a ceramic crown for a front tooth, the crown is not apparent at first sight. The aesthetic crowns have the advantage that they do not discolor or rub off, which elongates the durability.

When we talk about ceramic crowns, we mean full ceramic crowns and not veneer crowns. Full ceramic crowns consist entirely of ceramic, while veneer crowns have a metal framework which is veneered with ceramic. The biological dentistry renounces metals and uses full ceramic crowns.

All-ceramic crowns

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Zircon crowns and the Swiss Biohealth Concept

Following the Swiss Biohealth Concept we use full ceramic crowns made of zircon oxide. The zirconia crowns would be implemented after the metal extraction if a healthy situation was achieved via the long-term temporary prosthesis.

Advantages of zircon crowns

The advantages of zirconia crowns in an overview:

  • metal-free and biocompatible
  • aesthetic thanks to a natural white tone
  • zirconia dentures are stable and durable

The treatment at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic

There is no preparation needed for the application of zirconia crowns. The procedure at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic in Switzerland takes 5 – 45 minutes per tooth in 1 to 3 sessions.
No pain or swelling is to be expected.

Experiences with ceramic crowns

Many of our patients have had good experiences with our zircon crowns. Read more about it in our testimonials!

Frequently asked questions about ceramic crowns

How long do ceramic crowns last?

Ceramic zirconia crowns will last a minimum of ten years, if they are properly maintained. Good care extends the durability of your crown and prevents inflammation in the oral cavity.

Do ceramic crowns stain?

No, zircon crowns do not stain and keep the natural color of a tooth in the long-term.

Are zirconia crowns safe?

Yes, zircon crowns are safe. More than that, they are biocompatible and immunologically neutral. Because the zircon crowns are all-ceramic crowns without metal components, there is no danger of a development of allergies.