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At the Swiss Biohealth Clinic we use biocompatible ceramic fillings, so-called ceramic inlays.

Dental fillings for caries defects

Small holes caused by the removal of diseased tooth substances can be sealed tightly by means of dental fillings. For tooth defects caused by caries, different filling materials can be used.
In dentistry, mercury-containing and therefore highly toxic amalgam is still used as a filling material. Alternatives have long been available.

At the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC we remove amalgam fillings in an amalgam restoration. Ceramic inlays replace the amalgam fillings and are bonded into the tooth as inlay fillings.

Jetzt Amalgamfüllungen durch Keramikfüllungen ersetzen lassen!

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What is a ceramic inlay?

Ceramic inlays are prefabricated dental fillings that are inserted into the tooth. As a tooth inlay, at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic we use so-called CEREC all-ceramic inlays. CEREC is the abbreviation for CEramic REConstruction and is a procedure in which teeth are precisely measured using a 3D camera. That way an exact model of the tooth can be produced, without an impression of the tooth to be treated. The ceramic inlay can then be designed directly on the screen, made to fit exactly and the produced tooth inlay can be inserted immediately.

What are the advantages of ceramic fillings?

There are no health concerns regarding the filler materials in the use of a ceramic filling for teeth. Each ceramic inlay is made of high-quality ceramic, a material that is well tolerated. Furthermore, the color of the dentures can be matched to the surrounding teeth. Ceramic fillings are therefore ideal for the aesthetic dentistry and can be inserted in both front and back teeth. Additional benefits are the long durability and the pressure resistance.

How long do ceramic fillings last?

Ceramic fillings have a long durability. Usually, they last ten to twelve years and are therefore at an advantage over amalgam, which has a durability of eight to ten years.

Ceramic inlays at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CINIC

The removal of harmful amalgam under sixfold protection is the first step of the SWISS BIOHEALTH ALL IN ONE CONCEPT. The amalgam fillings are then replaced by our CEREC ceramic inlays.
A treatment at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour per tooth. No pain or swelling is to be expected and after the anesthesia has worn off, you are fully operational again.

Erfahrungen mit Keramikfüllungen

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