Patientin Martha Berry

New York, USA

Martha Berry

I came to the Swiss Biohealth Clinic after 2 years of fighting parasitic infection as well as lyme and other co-infections. I was unable to rid myself of these infectious pain to my dental surgery. Dr. Volz removed a tremendous amount of metal (amalgams) as well as gold fillings and a titanium post. He pulled 3 root canal teeth and immediately installed ceramic posts in these teeth as well as the titanium post area.

After the first month, my parasitic infection became worse, but with that next round of anti parasite medication I was finally able to rid myself of these infections. My body clearly had improved enough and had the strength to finally fight these infections. I have so much more energy now. I´ve resumed playing tennis (competitively) for the first time in even a year. I´ve returned to work fully and have resumed a full social life.

I want to thank Dr. Volz and his staff for all that they have done to improve my health!