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Dr. Ulrich Volz

25 years experience in biological dentistry



Career / Vita

Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz was re-elected President of ISMI (International Society of Metal free Implantology e.V.) in 2020. He is the founder and owner of SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC Kreuzlingen and SDS SWISS DENTAL SOLUTIONS AG.
Due to his pioneering achievements in ceramic implantology (meanwhile more than 25,000 ceramic implants placed) and in biological dentistry, he has become probably the most experienced and best-known biological dentist in the world today. Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz is a leading dentist of the biological dentistry department in the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC.

As Germany’s youngest dentist at that time, he established an all private practice in 1991 and completed his dissertation in the same year on “Amalgamine invasion into dentin and pulp tissue”.

The actual development of ceramic implants made of zirconia, as SDS SWISS DENTAL SOLUTIONS AG offers them today, began at the turn of the millennium. The first CE certification of the one-piece implant was granted in 2004. Dr. Ulrich Volz founded the company SDS SWISS DENTAL SOLUTIONS AG, whose core business is the further development and distribution of implants and surgical accessories, in 2007.

The two-piece ceramic implant SDS2.0 was launched in 2012 after many years of development. Through a variety of innovative implant shapes for a wide range of indications, all developed by Dr. Ulrich Volz, the portfolio of SDS SWISS DENTAL SOLUTIONS AG grew steadily and thus also offers the possibilities of individual, indication-based treatment based on the dental challenges at hand.

With the formulation of the surgical concept SCC Short Cut Concept (since 2016 ALL IN ONE), the biological treatment concept “Dr. Volz Biological Dentistry” (later THE SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT) and the foundation of the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC, the innovative power and influence of the ceramic implant pioneer has been further strengthened from 2014-2016.

Since 2017, Dr. Ulrich Volz, as well as other renowned speakers and experts have been passing on their knowledge on the topics of biological dentistry, ceramic implants and blood concentrates at the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER in Kreuzlingen in the form of an exceptional, modern and constantly optimized training program. The unique treatment methods and the worldwide unique surgical concept form the core of all further training opportunities.

His treatment successes, publications and international lectures have triggered a new trend in dentistry, towards a holistic view of people and their health. Based on this development and the increasing international interest in the concepts and products founded by Dr. Ulrich Volz, the foundation of SDS SWISS DENTAL SOLUTIONS USA, Inc. followed in 2018.

In order to further promote research and development in the fields of biological dentistry and ceramic implants, the SWISS BIOHEALTH ACADEMY was founded in 2019 and the “Scientific Academy for Blood Concentrates, Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants” (SABBC) in 2021.

Detailed Vita

1991 Foundation of a an all private practice as the youngest dentist in Germany

1991 Dissertation on “Amalgamine invasion into the dentin and pulp tissues”.

1992 First all-ceramic inlays

1996 Certification as eentist for naturopathy

1998 Certification as dentist for implantology

1998 First all-ceramic crowns made of zirconium dioxide

1999 Foundation of Bodensee Zahnklinik AG and Bodensee Dentaltechnik AG

2000 Foundation of Medical Masters AG

2000 Development of first ceramic implants made of zirconium dioxide

2001 Foundation of the Day Clinic Constance

2003 Foundation of Z-Systems GmbH

2004 First CE certification for a ceramic implant

2004 – 2012 Development of the first two-part reversible screw-retained ceramic implant SDS2.0

2006 Insertion of first implants with ultrasound under polylactide fusion

2007 Foundation of SDS Swiss Dental Solutions AG

2008 Development of Sonic Weld membrane welding for the GBR technique

2012 – 2014 Development of the hybrid implant SDS1.1

2014 President of the International Society of Metal-Free Implantology ISMI e.V.

2014 Development of the SCC Short Cut Concept according to Dr. Volz

2015 Formulation of the Dr. Volz Biological Dentistry Concept

2016 Foundation of the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC and development of the ALL IN ONE Concept



2019 Foundation of the SWISS BIOHEALTH ACADEMY and the SOUL FOOD vegan café & take away

2020 Re-elected as president of ISMI e.V.

2020 Market launch of SDS ceramic implants in the USA

2021 Re-election as President of ISMI e.V.

2020 Market launch of SDS ceramic implants in the USA

2020 Development of the BISS – Bone Implant Stabilization System

2020 Development of the AIM – Anatomical Implantation Method

2020 Development of the RAP – Rebuild Aesthetics Procedure

2021 Foundation of the Scientific Academy for Blood Concentrates, Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants SABBC

2021 First organization of the German Congress of Sports Physicians

2021 First organization of the LONGEVITY Congress

2021 First-time organization of the CEO Performance Workshop

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