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The SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT promotes longevity

The current evaluations and projections on the course of the disease COVID-19 indicate that the mortality rate and the severity of the disease correlate on the one hand with underlying chronic pre-existing conditions and on the other hand with the age of the patients. From the age of 50-59 years, the mortality rate increases from 1.3% to 14.8% for 80-year-olds. (1,2)

COVID-19 Verlauf korreliert mit dem Alter

To protect against a dramatic course of such infections, it is therefore not only important to strengthen the immune system to the maximum, but also to keep one’s own bio-age as young as possible. Read More The SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT promotes longevity

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New assessments to the Coronavirus | Swiss Biohealth

Update of 10 March 2020

China shipped 50 tons of vitamin C to Wuhan

The approach of the Chinese authorities and current scientific studies fully support the Swiss Biohealth Clinic’s approach to vitamin C infusions. China currently purchases vitamin C on a large scale on the world market. (1,2) The country is currently conducting several large-scale studies. First positive data on the treatment of corona patients with high-dose vitamin C infusions (IVC) have been published. At Zhongnan Hospital, Wuhan, patients receive 24 g of vitamin C daily intravenously for 7 days. (3,4) Read More New assessments to the Coronavirus | Swiss Biohealth

Vitamin D
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Vitamin D in cancer therapy

The dental news portal zm-online and the website for medical news DocCheck recently published a statement at the same time on the latest studies concerning vitamin D in oncology (1,2). Both websites refer to a team of researchers from Cologne, who identified a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and survival rate in patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma (3).
Despite the available scientific data and increasing evidence for the outstanding importance of vitamin D, regular vitamin D determination is not recommended in current guidelines. Furthermore, there is no recommendation for a vitamin D supplementation. This is based on the fact that the actual benefit of administering vitamin D to patients has not yet been verified. It is suggested to implement further studies to prove the positive influence of vitamin D on the survival rate of cancer patients. In case of positive results, the determination and supplementation of vitamin D and other vitamins can be included in the oncological routine (1).
Read More Vitamin D in cancer therapy

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Vitamin K2 / Mk7 – another superhero vitamin?

On August 4th, I was invited to give a four-hour lecture on biological dentistry and zirconia implants to more than 300 biological physicians and dentists as part of the state-accredited Post Graduate Education program of Dr. Lair Ribeiro in São Paulo. Dr. Ribeiro is the icon for biological medicine in South America. Professional cardiologist, author of 140 scientific publications and 38 books, including 15 bestsellers in 40 different countries. Read More Vitamin K2 / Mk7 – another superhero vitamin?

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Titanium dioxide particles in our diet

Titanium dioxide particles in our diet – effects on the tolerability of titanium implants?

A study by the University of Sydney on the effects of titanium oxide particles (TiO2) in the gut, published in May 2019, rekindled the international debate in the institutes and media about the use of titanium dioxide in our foods, marked by E171. (1-3)

Titanium dioxide: E171 and Cl77891 – where we encounter the nanoparticles

The whitening agent titanium dioxide has meanwhile become indispensable in our everyday lives, with consumption having increased sharply in the last century. The additive E171 is found in medicines, plastics, chewing gum, paints, clothing and also in our food, such as mozzarella, instant soups and sweets. Read More Titanium dioxide particles in our diet

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Deep Sleep = Anti Aging?

My personal and professional involvement in biological medicine and dentistry for over 30 years has shown me that there are a few key factors that have an oversized effect on our health and performance according to the Pareto principle (80/20 principle). Biological dentistry shows an outstanding special position here, as the dead teeth and toxic materials in the oral cavity are responsible for about 60 to 80% of all chronic diseases according to estimates of opinion leaders and our own observations. Read More Deep Sleep = Anti Aging?

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Mobile communication and healing of implants

Mobile radio reduces the healing of dental implants by disturbing the bone metabolism and increasing the tendency for inflammation. After Brussels, Geneva now also rejects the introduction of 5G technology.

cell phone radiation

This exciting study was found by Max Riemann, an SDS user and member of our SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION training center and communication platform. The Pubmed study shows that titanium implants exposed to mobile phones in the healing phase are less healthy, have less bone contact and are more susceptible to inflammation:  Read More Mobile communication and healing of implants

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