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Moritz Kneer

Specialist in biological dentistry

Sports dentist


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Moritz Kneer, born and raised in southern Germany in the Swabian Alb, was the first in his family to decide to pursue a career in medicine. In 2018, he completed his studies in dentistry, oral medicine and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Ulm in the standard period of study as the semester’s best student in the practical examinations and with an overall grade of 1.3.

After attending advanced training courses at the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER during his studies, he decided to investigate the effects of biological dentistry on the general health of patients in collaboration with the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC in 2019 as part of his doctoral thesis at the University of Bonn. In doing so, he analyzed over 500 studies on the entire spectrum of biological (dental) medicine as part of his literature research and was thus able to intensively expand his knowledge in both the dental and general medical fields. These scientific findings were ultimately decisive with regard to his decision to treat solely according to the principles of biological dentistry. Moritz Kneer is the first dentist who, immediately after his studies, treats exclusively and consistently according to the SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT – biological, metal-free and without root canal treatments.

Moritz Kneer

Since his start at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic, he has been personally trained and educated by Dr. Ulrich Volz. His focus is on surgical treatments, such as the extremely gentle removal of root canal-treated teeth, white teeth and NICOs/FDOKs, as well as on the implantation of ceramic implants and their prosthetic all-ceramic restoration.

Furthermore, he learned the technique of the ART® (Autonomic Respond Test) both during personal shadowings with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and Sabine Schliebusch and at the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER, where he himself is a lecturer.

Biological, endogenous resources, such as the use of autologous blood concentrates (PRF), should always be the first choice for accelerated wound healing free of pain and swelling. Moritz Kneer specifically trained himself in this field, learned the advantages of the LSCC (Low Speed Centrifugation Concept) and personally attended a seminar with its inventor, Prof. Dr. Dr. Ghanaati, in Frankfurt.

Justified by his interest in an optimal, natural and at the same time performance-enhancing diet as well as his passion for various sports, such as skiing and kite surfing, he successfully obtained his certification as a sports dentist in 2020.

In addition to his work in the clinic, the EDUCATION CENTER and the SWISS BIOHEALTH ACADEMY, Moritz Kneer works as an out-of-town OR attendant on behalf of SDS Swiss Dental Solutions. He offers direct, intraoperative SDS implant consultation in his own practice to dentists using SDS implants throughout Germany.

His primary goal – in addition to perfect, individual patient-specific education and treatment – is to guarantee every patient a relaxed, trusting stay in the clinic.

“Find what you love. And never settle for anything less.” Steve Jobs

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