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With aesthetic dentistry to an improved well-being and a better quality of life

What is aesthetic dentistry?

The aesthetic dentistry concentrates on the appearance of the teeth. Besides pretty white teeth that also means healthy gingiva and the functional harmony of the dental arch on upper and lower jaw.For a beautiful smile the aesthetic dentistry offers various possibilities to correct blemishes.

Ästhetische Zahnmedizin in der Schweiz

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Why is aesthetic dentistry so important?

Appealing, aesthetic teeth matter in the life of most people. Self-confidence, well-being and the quality of life heavily depend on pretty teeth. The aesthetic of the teeth influences professional success as well as the search for a partner.The aspiration for a radiant smile is understandable and by means of aesthetic dentistry, blemishes can be corrected.

Healthy gingiva

Rose-colored gingiva in combination with beautiful white teeth are a reflection of health, energy, joie de vivre and confidence. However, gingiva diseases can lead to scarring, discoloration, swellings or gingiva recession and diminish the aesthetic of the gingiva.

Prophylaxis, professional dental cleaning as well as targeted treatment of periodontitis are therefore part of the SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT and ensure optimal gingiva aesthetics.

Aesthetic dentures

We want to contribute to preserve or restore your radiant smile. For dental prostheses we rely on ceramic implants from SDS. These are entirely white and come very close to the natural tooth color. Furthermore, the formation of bacteria and plaque and thus the risk of gingiva inflammations is significantly reduced with a ceramic implant. With those aesthetic dentures the inflammation risk is even lower than with your own teeth.

For the restoration of teeth and gingiva aesthetic, dental and implant surgery may be needed. But rest assured, at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC we only use crowns and inlays made of ceramic material of the highest quality.

Professional bleaching

With bio-bleaching, which gently lightens the teeth and gives them back their natural white, we remove simple discolorations of the tooth surfaces.

Aesthetic dentistry at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC

The aesthetic dentistry is an inherent part of the SWISS BIOHEALTH CONCEPT. Thanks to biological dentistry and the holistic approach, you will receive biocompatible dentures that are in no way inferior to other dental implants in terms of appearance and aesthetics.


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