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Minimally invasive dental care for the improvement of tooth structure, gums, tongue and soft tissue in one session.

Dental cleaning: prophylaxis and dental aesthetics

The professional teeth cleaning at the dentist is a preventive measure against caries, periodontitis and the loss of teeth. It also supports the smoothing and mineralization of the teeth and ultimately helps to maintain a healthy oral flora. Dental cleaning has a positive effect on dental aesthetics, due to the tooth scaling and polishing. After the treatment, the patient can expect smoother tooth surfaces and significantly brighter and more radiant teeth.

Professional dental cleaning based on natural materials

For our biological dental cleaning we rely on natural materials. By using biocompatible preparations and gentle substances, allergic reactions are almost impossible.

Professional teeth cleaning in Switzerland

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Minimally invasive dental cleaning according to the Swiss Biohealth Concept

At the Swiss Biohealth Clinic on Lake Constance, the professional dental cleaning is one of the key elements of the dental prophylaxis, which we perform as gently and minimally invasive as possible.

Especially for patients with parodontitis, periimplantitis, amalgam fillings and metal-based inlays or crowns, a thorough dental cleaning has been particularly necessary. Often the gingiva was not healthy and concrements, plaque and tartar accumulated in gingival pockets, which had to be removed with maximally invasive treatment methods.

However, after our treatment, bones and gingiva are absolutely healthy again, making maximally invasive methods unnecessary. This is achieved by the treatment with our biocompatible ceramic implants and the all-ceramic restoration as well as the successful supplementation with vitamins and minerals.

During the tooth scaling and polishing and the dental prophylaxis at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic, bacterial plaque is removed from tooth and implant pockets in a minimally invasive way. Teeth, tooth implants, soft tissues and restaurations are cleaned safely and gently with this treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about dental cleaning

Why is the professional dental cleaning so important?

The coating of the teeth, so-called plaque or biofilm, on the teeth, tongue and hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity is quite normal. The thin layer of mucus adheres to the teeth and is responsible for the development of caries and periodontitis, if left untreated. These dental illnesses can in turn lead to secondary diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or arthritis.

The regular removal of plaque by means of your own thorough dental hygiene and professional dental cleaning is therefore important and recommended.

Is it possible to get teeth cleaning and bleaching in one session?

It is possible to receive professional teeth cleaning and bleaching either in one session or separately. Fundamentally, however, the dental cleaning is a prerequisite for the bleaching treatment.

Beautiful teeth with Swiss Biohealth

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