Dr. Tobias Steinherr M. Sc.: biological dentist at SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC

Dr. Tobias Steinherr M. Sc.

Focus of aesthetic dentistry

 Master of Science prosthetic dentistry and biomaterials

Dentist for biological dentistry and ceramic implants

Career / Vita

Dr. Tobias SteinherrM. Sc., born and raised in Landshut, Bavaria, completed his studies in dentistry at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

His interest in surgery and biological medicine was already apparent during his studies, so he began his doctoral work in the Department of Surgical Research at the Klinikum Großhadern in Munich and received his doctorate with the distinction “magna cum laude” for his thesis on the effects of biological coatings of implant materials.

After his state examination, he completed his residency in a dental practice in Munich. This was followed by extensive training and continuing education in an internationally renowned practice for oral surgery in southern Germany.

Here, Dr. Steinherr acquired extensive knowledge in the fields of oral surgery, implantology, bone augmentation and periodontal surgery, as well as the treatment focus of esthetic dentistry.

Just under four years later, he returned to the vicinity of his hometown and worked as an employed dentist in a nationally known, privately run dental clinic. Here he quickly found his medical home and put aside the already advanced plans of founding his own practice. Instead, he devoted himself wholeheartedly to the fields of implantology and implant prosthetics at the clinic. As a senior physician, he first took over the provisional management of the oral surgery department, and later, as chief physician, the medical management of the clinic’s medical care center as well as the supervision of dental colleagues.

During this time, Dr. Steinherr already attended various advanced training courses at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC in Kreuzlingen and gained experience in the use and prosthetic restoration of all-ceramic implants. Together with Dr. Rebekka Hueber, at that time head of the oral surgery department of the same dental clinic, he established the first biological treatment concepts in the clinic and the two introduced the use of PRF according to Dr. Joseph Chokroun and ozone therapy as an integral part of the surgical treatment protocols.

Parallel to his professional activities, he also completed a master’s degree from the German Society for Prosthetic Dentistry and Biomaterials.

After more than 8 years at the clinic and a total of 15 years working in Germany, he decided to focus exclusively on biological dentistry in the future, gave up his management position in Germany and moved with his family to Switzerland to work as a dentist at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC, bringing his accumulated knowledge and acquired skills in the fields of implantology and implant prosthetics to bear on the biological therapy of his patients.

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