Sylvia Eiseler

Zürich, Schweiz

Sylvia Eiseler

My treatment took place in mid-December 2017. Due to the great care and all’ the therapies and treatments after the surgery I never felt bad or had pain. Before the surgery I had recurring problems with the skin, especially on the arms itchy, small red spots developed. The dermatologist could not tell me where they came from, the ointments she prescribed prevented the itching and the spots went away after a while, but then they kept coming back, mainly on the arms.

It also seemed to me that the moles I have on my upper body began to itch every now and then. I also found it increasingly difficult to tolerate perfume.

Since the surgery, the biting spots on my arms have sort of disappeared, the itching of the moles also seems to have decreased enormously, and I can tolerate perfume splashes in small amounts much better again.

On the side of my head, where I had two bad, metal stick teeth in the upper jaw, I often felt a pulling pain up to the skull behind the ear and also down to the lateral neck muscle and almost into the shoulder.

The pulling pain towards the neck/shoulder has completely disappeared, a pulling pain down to behind the ear still appears now and then but much less strong. The remaining pain could also have something to do with the weather changes or some arthritis in the cervical vertebrae.

In addition to this pleasing progress, I had other experiences in the dental clinic that were very positive for me. Due to a finding of the family doctor many years ago, I took statins because of too high cholesterol levels, which he said were hereditary.

Six weeks before the operation, these statins had to be discontinued and instructions were given for behavior and for eating and drinking during this pre-operation period. I followed these recommendations and was very pleased that my LDL level was in the good range on the day of the operation.

Since this constant statin intake had been bugging me for a long time and I very much wanted to get off it, I contacted the biomedical doctor, Dr. Shelev, and we discussed a change in diet or abstaining from various foods. I have been following these recommendations since then and a blood level measurement at the beginning of February 2018 = about 3 ½ months after the last statin intake still showed values that are within the limits. I am very happy about that and I hope I can keep these values like this without taking any medication.

Like many other patients, I am very grateful to Dr. Volz and all the great staff for all the positive changes in my condition.