Patientin Amanda Wilson

Californien, USA

Amanda Wilson

During my first surgery Dr. Volz performed two upper cavitations and removed a cyst that had formed in my root canal extraction site done in the U.S. and placed an implant. During surgery I could feel my hands begin to warm up an my system calm down. I also noticed my pupils which are normally very large became small. A sign that my parasymphathetic nervous system had been activated. The root canal I had extracted months before in the U.S. left me in constant pain. The day after the cavitation was redone and the cyst that had formed removed and implant post placed my pain disappeared. With the cooling mask, I profit and homeopathic redmedies, I was amazed that by day 4 I was in little to no pain and off all pam medication.

I have been struggling with Lyme disease. Postral orthostatic chycrdia syndrome, and heavy metal issues for 5 years was wheelchair bound for 2 of them and suffer daily from severe symptoms. The surgery made a lot of my symptoms flare temporarily. I see Dr. Klinghardt so I was prepared that my journey would be more difficult. ART testing showed that the cavitation surgery made heavy metals start moving faster than my body could detox them. It also showed that my lower cavitations that had not show up on the panoramic needed to be done. The lower cavitations were believed to be contributing to my heartrate irregularity.

During my second surgery Dr. Volz found cavitations in both lower regions even though my panoramic looked completely clear. I again felt my hands warm up and my system calm down and again the pain was gone by day 4. I had the same flare in symptoms ans was stuck in bed for about 5 days. My recovery was slow but about 1 month post surgery I started to have more energy and began to do more. I noticed when I did overdo it instead of being stuck in bed for a few days I was able to take one day in bed and be back to my “normal” by the next.

The biggest chance came about 3 months after surgery. I had been on a beta blocker for my high an irregular heart rate for 5 years. Everyday I would take my dose at 9am if I was even 30m minutes late my symptoms would increase and my heart rate would be in the 150´s. I would also have PVC´s throughout the day and always feel anxious about my heart rate working so hard. 3 months post surgery I started to need less of my Beta Blocker to make it through the day and eventually with my doctors permission was able to stop completely. I have now been off my Beta Blocker for 4 months. My PVC´s have also dramatically decreased from multiple a day to 3 a month. This has been the biggest improvement and I am so grateful to be off the Beta Blocker.

The other big improvement I have noticed is regarding the flu colds. Since becoming ill 5 years ago I would pick up everything. Last year I had influenca A 2 times, I actually had it the day of my last surgery. I also had multiple colds, anytime I was around someone who was sick I would pick it up. This year since my surgery I have not been sick once even thorugh one of the worst flue seasons: I have also been around multiple people who had colds and did not catch them.

From my original panoramic Dr. Volz had seen that under most of my pre existing fillings there was decay. The treatment plan was to remove all my pre existing feelings that were made up of a composite material and replace them with ceramic inlays. During the removal I began experiencing severe dizziness and my whole body began to shake my teeth were chattering and my legs were shaking. We had to take a break so my body could calm down Dr. Volz was there with me the whole time along with his assistant I felt completely safe. I was given some homeopathies as well which helped. As my reaction settled I could feel my brain fog and vision on the right side improve Dr. Volz believes I was allergic to the material that was used in my fillings. In total I had 15 fillings removed most of them having decay underneath them.

I am only two days post the removal of my fillings but I can already tell I am feeling better especially my brain fog vision and energy. I am hopeful that I will continue to improve and that I will be able to tolerate treatments for lyme and heavy metals easier.

I am so grateful for Dr. Volz and his amazing staff they go above and beyond and will find a way no matter how difficult the case is or how sensitive you are.

Thank you to all who have helped me on my dental journey.