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Why are the tonsils so important? I asked my that and he gave me this answer to my question:

The tonsils are the first filter station for the detoxification from the brain and from the oral system. And in most of our patients the tonsils are either inflamed or they have already been removed. This is why we do procain injections mostly right after the surgery or even i-PRF injectable platelet rich fibrin to attract stem cells what has a similar effect than the Cryotherapy.

See the video for the visual version!

Have a good day, Coco

Have you got your cavitation removed yet? If yes how long did it take for you to heal? I asked my dad if there is a certain amount of time each patient needs to heal after a cavitation surgery…See the video to find out on what factors the healing time depends on!

Here is also the written version of the video: How long does it take for cavitation sites to heal? Actually, after the surgery the cavitation site is a hollow space and has to be filled with new bone, so its up to the time the bone needs to heal and to grow and that’s about 3-6 months. And of course this again depends on the level of Vitamin D3, the immune system and the activation of the parasympathetic mode.