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Vitamin D in cancer therapy

The dental news portal zm-online and the website for medical news DocCheck recently published a statement at the same time on the latest studies concerning vitamin D in oncology (1,2). Both websites refer to a team of researchers from Cologne, who identified a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and survival rate in patients with Hodgkin’s lymphoma (3).
Despite the available scientific data and increasing evidence for the outstanding importance of vitamin D, regular vitamin D determination is not recommended in current guidelines. Furthermore, there is no recommendation for a vitamin D supplementation. This is based on the fact that the actual benefit of administering vitamin D to patients has not yet been verified. It is suggested to implement further studies to prove the positive influence of vitamin D on the survival rate of cancer patients. In case of positive results, the determination and supplementation of vitamin D and other vitamins can be included in the oncological routine (1).
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Vitamin K2 / Mk7 – another superhero vitamin?

On August 4th, I was invited to give a four-hour lecture on biological dentistry and zirconia implants to more than 300 biological physicians and dentists as part of the state-accredited Post Graduate Education program of Dr. Lair Ribeiro in São Paulo. Dr. Ribeiro is the icon for biological medicine in South America. Professional cardiologist, author of 140 scientific publications and 38 books, including 15 bestsellers in 40 different countries. Read More Vitamin K2 / Mk7 – another superhero vitamin?