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New assessments to the Coronavirus | Swiss Biohealth

Update of 10 March 2020

China shipped 50 tons of vitamin C to Wuhan

The approach of the Chinese authorities and current scientific studies fully support the Swiss Biohealth Clinic’s approach to vitamin C infusions. China currently purchases vitamin C on a large scale on the world market. (1,2) The country is currently conducting several large-scale studies. First positive data on the treatment of corona patients with high-dose vitamin C infusions (IVC) have been published. At Zhongnan Hospital, Wuhan, patients receive 24 g of vitamin C daily intravenously for 7 days. (3,4) Read More New assessments to the Coronavirus | Swiss Biohealth

titanium dioxide
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Titanium dioxide particles in our diet

Titanium dioxide particles in our diet – effects on the tolerability of titanium implants?

A study by the University of Sydney on the effects of titanium oxide particles (TiO2) in the gut, published in May 2019, rekindled the international debate in the institutes and media about the use of titanium dioxide in our foods, marked by E171. (1-3)

Titanium dioxide: E171 and Cl77891 – where we encounter the nanoparticles

The whitening agent titanium dioxide has meanwhile become indispensable in our everyday lives, with consumption having increased sharply in the last century. The additive E171 is found in medicines, plastics, chewing gum, paints, clothing and also in our food, such as mozzarella, instant soups and sweets. Read More Titanium dioxide particles in our diet

Samy Molcho
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Body language with Samy Molcho


On July the 5th 2019, SAMY MOLCHO will organize a one-day course in body language with us in Kreuzlingen. The number of participants is limited, but we have reserved the option that the course on 6thof July could be repeated! As this course will not only provide invaluable knowledge and skills for doctors and dentists, but is also important for all people, we will be opening this event to patients of the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC for the first time.
Read More Body language with Samy Molcho

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1996, on his first seminar with TONY ROBBINS on HAWAII, my dad bought the so called Q-Link. We are still using the device on all flights blocking the high radiation on flights which are causing the jet lag. Read More Q-Link

Dr. Volz
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First Aid Leaflet

currently my parents are in the most beautiful place of the Engadin, St. Moritz. My parents favorite activity is hiking as it allows my dad to release his mind and escape from everyday problems and thoughts! Most of his ideas, whether it be the ceramic implants or the #allinoneconcept developed during a stay in the mountains with some hiking. Right now my dad is working on the on a concept to provide even more health to the public on a greater scale. He wants the whole world to be healthy! He used the Swiss speed limit system to explain his ideas to me earlier on: Read More First Aid Leaflet

Swiss Biohealth
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Link between dental stress and chronic disease

The changed aspects of lifestyle today must be taken into account in a new type of metal-free dentistry. A smaller vulnerable oral surface area offers protection against the environmental disturbances and helps to eliminate and heal the increasing levels of chronic inflammation in the masticatory system. According to the author, if such dentistry was to be carried out consistently, every patient would experience an improvement of health. This often occurs whilst still in the dentist’s chair at the end of a treatment session. When the last bit of metal has been removed, for example, patients often say that they feel as though a “helmet has been taken off” or that a “thick piece of glass has been removed from in front of their face”. After chronic inflammations such as ousteitis of the jaw, cysts, or root canal-treated teeth have been removed, patients often experience an immediate improvement in their musculoskeletal system. For example, they are suddenly able to move an arm freely, that had previously been cause of severe pain.