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Calming, sedation or general anesthesia?

What is the best option for my upcoming surgery?

In this blog post, I would like to inform you about the various options and our biological doctor and anesthesiologist Michael Jürges, who has been working since last fall under the direction of Klinghardt and dr. Volz and complements the medical department of the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC.

As you hear from us over and over, already “prayer-like” , the parasympathetic mode as an opponent to the stress mode is an indispensable prerequisite for healing and regeneration! That’s why we at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC do our outmost to promote and establish this healing state as often, in the most possible sustainable and deep way around your treatment! Through the “All-you-can-treat” My BIOHEALTH Week package, the cost guarantee of your treatment plan, the extremely well trained and emotionally intelligent team members, the EMF shielding of the clinic, the personal and friendly interaction with each other and last but Not least a high quality minimally intensive atraumatic operation by experienced specialists. Read More Calming, sedation or general anesthesia?

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My own ALL IN ONE surgery – the weeks after

In this blog post I will report on the further regeneration after my own operation, which I have continued in the completely radio-free nature of Brazil. This shows how important it is – especially after surgery – to avoid EMF as much as possible. You can also achieve this at home, and I will give you all the information about it! In addition, I will show the central importance of the movement in nature and explain the benefit especially for chronically ill people. If you have not read the first part, feel free to do so here. Read More My own ALL IN ONE surgery – the weeks after

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Root Cause – the root of all evil?

The film “Root Cause” reports on the dangers of root-treated teeth and ischemic osteonecrosis during a ten-year personal search for the cause of the chronic fatigue, the filmmaker and producer and actor Ben Purser suffers from. Rarely before has this topic generated so much audience attention as through this movie and let the waves blow up that much on both sides, the supporters of the theory as well as the opponents.
You can currently find the movie on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Vimeo.

Root Cause

Basically, we think it’s good that the topic Root Cause, which affects hundreds of millions of people around the world (in the US alone, around 25 million new root-canal treatments are being treated each year) is becoming a public focus and hopefully will lead to Dentists, immunologists, oncologists, cardiologists, orthopedists and internists coming together and dealing more intensively with this issue in the interest of the health of patients or humanity according to the official rules of medicine and science!

Read More Root Cause – the root of all evil?

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Biological Dentistry 2.0 – my own experiences

Biological Dentistry 2.0 – Protocol about my own experiences regarding my ALLINONE-Operation and my My BIOHEALTH Week
by Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz

The moment I had waited for, for many years, maybe even decades:
On the 14th and 15th of February, I spent a total of 19 hours on the treatment chair in my SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC. It was the first time that my extremely competent team, built up over many years,

  1. a) had my 100% confidence
  2. b) the products, which I needed myself, were developed and
  3. c) I knew that I would not suffer in spite of the major surgery considering the My BIOHEALTH Week!

Not only that this experience of BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY 2.0 was a magnificent experience and I feel even better since then – I have gained many valuable insights for my patients (“you do not learn how to swim in a bathtub …!”) and therefore, in the future, will be able to feel more compassion and empathy as a doctor for my patients!

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