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First Aid Leaflet

currently my parents are in the most beautiful place of the Engadin, St. Moritz. My parents favorite activity is hiking as it allows my dad to release his mind and escape from everyday problems and thoughts! Most of his ideas, whether it be the ceramic implants or the #allinoneconcept developed during a stay in the mountains with some hiking. Right now my dad is working on the on a concept to provide even more health to the public on a greater scale. He wants the whole world to be healthy! He used the Swiss speed limit system to explain his ideas to me earlier on: Read More First Aid Leaflet

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Link between dental stress and chronic disease

The changed aspects of lifestyle today must be taken into account in a new type of metal-free dentistry. A smaller vulnerable oral surface area offers protection against the environmental disturbances and helps to eliminate and heal the increasing levels of chronic inflammation in the masticatory system. According to the author, if such dentistry was to be carried out consistently, every patient would experience an improvement of health. This often occurs whilst still in the dentist’s chair at the end of a treatment session. When the last bit of metal has been removed, for example, patients often say that they feel as though a „helmet has been taken off“ or that a „thick piece of glass has been removed from in front of their face“. After chronic inflammations such as ousteitis of the jaw, cysts, or root canal-treated teeth have been removed, patients often experience an immediate improvement in their musculoskeletal system. For example, they are suddenly able to move an arm freely, that had previously been cause of severe pain.

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Ask My Dad

Why are the tonsils so important? I asked my that and he gave me this answer to my question:

The tonsils are the first filter station for the detoxification from the brain and from the oral system. And in most of our patients the tonsils are either inflamed or they have already been removed. This is why we do procain injections mostly right after the surgery or even i-PRF injectable platelet rich fibrin to attract stem cells what has a similar effect than the Cryotherapy.

See the video for the visual version!

Have a good day, Coco

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Friday Testimonial Day

A testimonial by one of our patients Kelly Koch:

After surgery…

First off, I want to thank everyone here for the excellent care I have received. In my experience, it is unmatch to any type of healthcare I have ever received. My first visit was in December 16. I had my 4 wisdom teeth cavitations cleaned, 3 more cavitations (from teeth that had been extracted summer 16 in the USA) cleaned and implants placed. I also had a gold crown removed along with a little metal. This last visit July 16, we fixed various teeth that had plastic fillings and replaced them with ceramic fillings and crowns. We most importantly extracted 2 teeth that had deep root infections, cleaned cavitations and placed 2 implants. I experienced an almost immediate sigh of relief by my whole body. Then a boost of energy! Here all the attention is paid to ensuring the patient has the best chance to heal and recover both before, during and after surgery. Read More Friday Testimonial Day

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I have posted this image at the very beginning of my Instagram account, but not with a detailed explanation. It is so important to be aware of the connection between a disease/symptoms caused by an infected tooth and I have seen my dad so many times identifying relationships between e.g. problems with the visual sense of a patient and the tooth causing this symptom.