My Biohealth Week Flatrate


The introduction of a pre-treatment and follow-up treatment fee not only facilitates the therapy and billing, but also gives our patients planning security with simultaneous intensification of the medical trace-therapies. This flat rate is based on the, in the past performed pre and follow-up treatments of our patients and has been rounded down significantly. Furthermore, our patients can take advantage of as many therapies as they wish to take within this package at no extra cost. In this way, we want to motivate our patients to make the most out of their time at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC for the best possible extensive medical care without incurring any additional costs.
Next to the minimally invasive and atraumatic dental treatment protocol, which has been developed by Dr. med. Volz and other specialists, for more than 28 years, an intensive and sophisticated medical pre- and post-treatment plays an extremely important role and underlines the difference of a treatment in a dental-medical clinic such as the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC to a common dental practice.

This allows us to carry out even the largest interventions at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC with a minimum complication rate by significantly increasing the general health improvements for our patient! In our cost estimates, we had planned a whole series of pre- and post-treatments, which have certainly accompanied most interventions. Based on this basic scheme we have set up the new COST PACKAGE for pre- and post-treatment and we even reduced the amount down to CHF 4,000.
However, certain types of patients and certain interventions often require a more intense v.a. Aftertreatment, which has ensured improved healing and safety for the patient but has often been onerous as it has moved away from the cost plan due to an increase in the final cost.

With the introduction of the package, we want to give our patients a cost certainty and at the same time motivate them to use the duration of their stay as much as possible to take advantage of our diverse medical offers! Since we have significantly increased our medical department from 2019, we are now capable of providing you with these diverse offers personally!
Since the flat rate is based on the lower limit, it is understandable that there can be no reduction of the flat rate should the patient, for whatever reason, be unable or unwilling to take full advantage of the possibilities. The following services are included in the “My BIOHEALTH Week Package” and can be used by the patient as required:

  •  All pre and postoperative two and three dimensional radiographs (x-rays?)
  • Initial examination with impressions, photos, esthetic consultation with the dental technician, ART material and medication test, blood tests for D3 and LDL levels
  • Medical examination and consultation by one of our doctors
  • Blood collection and production of PRF membranes
  • One daily infusion (Vitamin C or mitochondrial infusion)
  • Blood-ozone-UV self-therapy every two days
  • Single-shots for Infection-and Wound Healing-Prevention
  • Daily pain infusions
  • Cooling mask as long and continuous as possible
  • Once a day magnetic field or photowaver application
  • Postoperative “ALL ROUND-CAREFREE-PACKAGE” with analgesic, Traumeel ointment, arnica tissue, SWISS BIOHEALTH VITAL toothbrush and toothpaste, Epsom salt for the base bath. Soup, bouillon and smoothie for the first postoperative day, purified and oxygenated water, VIVO BASE loaner for microwave elimination
  • One-time craniosacral therapy before surgery and osteopathy / lymphatic drainage on postoperative day
  • A daily vegan, gluten-free homemade vegetable soup during your therapy stays
  • From the second postoperative day on colon hydrotherapy maximal every two days
  • Daily HBOT hyperbaric oxygen chamber (not for external sinus lift patients)
  • Procain injections and follow-up controls as well as neural therapies

One-time long-term depot Celestone Chronodose and emergency package for at home (antibiotic and cortisone oral)

Further medical therapies that are not related to the dental surgery are understandably not covered by the flat rate.

Regardless of the “My BIOHEALTH Week Package”, from 2019 on we have also revised and reduced the number of other fee items so that you, as a patient, have a much better overview. As a matter of principle, from 2019 the “My BIOHEALTH Week PACKAGE” will make the total cost estimate binding for you, so that you can always rely on the fact that the final bill will not be higher than the cost estimate.
However, in situations which require additional treatment (e.g., a previously unrecognized dead tooth or extra caries, etc.) or if you wish to take additional treatments, such as: Veneers or whitening or medical therapies such as. Needeling, wrinkle injection, etc., we will prepare an additional cost plan for you before the treatment, which will then also be binding for both sides.

We are pleased, that with these improvements, we can make your stay at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC more transparent, cost-effective and convincing for you!

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